Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fast Idle Screw - Bob Pine 7"

Interesting music from this Baltimore, Maryland band.

I really liked this 45. Musically I'd say it's new wave with some electronic thrown in for good measure.

When listening to this it would be easy to think that this could easily be on Ralph Records.

As Far as I know this is their only release, which is too bad because this is really a keeper.

This was released in 1987 on Sped Records.

Sorry I'm keeping this short, but I am watching the Edmonton Eskimos at Ottawa Redblacks for the Eastern Championship of the CFL. Go Redblacks.


Brian Guy

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  1. hi, brian. casper glammer here (really!!!) thanks for the kind words! just found your review. yes, i love the Residents! yes, our only release. earlier stuff from my other bands, if you are interested. hope the links work, i am old!!!!