Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Eat the Turnbuckle - The Great Ameican Bash Your Head in cdep

Today we have total mayhem from Philadelphia's Eat the Turnbuckle. This cdep is not for everyone. All of the songs have to do with pro wrestling in on way or another. I'd say it's pretty fair assumption that the band members are wrestling fans and are pretty proud of the wrestling heritage in Philly and have a special love for the original ECW. Maybe that's why I like this so much because I loved the old ECW. I find the name of the cdep "The Great American Bash Your Head in" pretty funny as it's a play on the old "Great American Bash" PPV That the NWA had for many years. Don't know if the WWE is still doing it or not nor do I really care.

I enjoyed this for the most part some of the sound bites seem to drag on forever an example is the song "Suplex City" It makes you just say get on with the music. Once the music starts, it's a great song. The songs themselves are very good hardcore with growling vocals.

The best song is the cover of "Invader #1 Must Die." They truly do this song justice. I can't remember if Cocknoose did this song first of if it was Antiseen, not that it matters because it is wonderful executed.

Some back ground on "Invader #1 Must Die." It is about the murder of Bruiser Brody (Frank Donald Goodish) in a locker room in Puerto Rico most likely committed by the booker Invader #1 (Jose Gonzalez). There had been some problems between the two and Brody was stabbed to death. If you search the web you can find out more about the murder if you want, if you don't that's fine to.

This was released by HPDG in 2016  on Bandcamp you can buy a digital copy for $5.55 US or a physical copy of the CDEP for $7 US.

One nice thing about Bandcamp is you can listen before you buy. Below is the link to the Eat the Turnbuckle page.



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