Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cripple Bastards - Wretched - Chaos is Non Musica split ep

Today we take a trip to Italy for a split of two great Italian hardcore bands.

Cripple Bastards from Asti and Wretched from Milano.

Enjoyable split ep from these two wonderful bands. All the songs are sung in Italian, and since I don't speak or understand Italian, I couldn't really understand the songs. Never the less I did really enjoy this record.

According to Discogs this was released out of South America, but that's all it really says and there is information that there were 1000 copies of this made and it was released in 1996. This was a bootleg.

I've included a link to a Cripple Bastards website which has a little more information on this release. If you are interested it has information on a lot of their releases.


Brian Guy

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