Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Continental Kids, the - ちくしょう 7"

Today we are going to the land of the rising sun for this slab of vinyl the home of The Continental Kids.

To be quite honest, I really don't know very much about Japanese punk and I had a hard time finding out much about this band. The only real thing I could find online was from a blog called "Punk Rock Japan" here is what was on that site:
"Japan and the origin of hard-core punk band-of-Kyoto "SS". "SS", based on 1981, THE CONTINENTAL KIDS is formed.
THE CONTINENTAL KIDS mainly in the Kansai is LAUGHIN'NOSE, THE STALIN of the east with Japan's core punk scene to making significant

So, I guess that they are from Kyoto? Make what you want of the above statement. If anyone knows anything more about this band please feel free to let me know.

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I first listened to it. This really doesn't sound like punk to me it sounds more like metal. That doesn't mean it's bad or good that's just what it sounds like to me. With that being said, the band also looks like they could be a new wave band. There was also a YouTube video saying that they were a hardcore band. I guess you are on your own to figure out what you think it sounds like. Not that it really matters, good music is good music.

I looked up the Japanese title on Google Translate and according to Google Translate ちくしょう means "beanbag," ok I'll have to trust them on this one.

The flipside on this is"Jhonny Gun." I have to admit that I like the flipside better that the A side. It seems more catchy to me.

This was released in 1984 on Beat Crazy Records.


Brian Guy

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