Monday, October 10, 2016

Cold Dead Handz - The First ep

Today we have the Cold Dead Handz - The First ep. Near as I can tell this is the only release from this band from either Portland, OR/Salem, OR. The drawing on the cover is wearing a hat that says Salem and is holding a bag from Muchas Gracias a local Mexican fast food chain.(For some reason that did not show up on the scan. I have a new scanner and am still trying to figure it out.) If you happen to be in SW Washington or the Willamette Valley in Oregon and see a Muchas Gracias, I suggest the Oregon Burrito very good.

Enough about food now, about the music good fast paced hardcore. The name of this band reminds me of the metal bands of the 1980's using Z instead of S. Maybe that's why I can't spell.

There were only 100 of this record pressed, so this might be your only chance to get a listen of this.

Favourite Song: "Nothing Forever"

Released in 2006 on Prosthetic Brain Records.


Brian Guy

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