Friday, December 19, 2014


Okay I missed a day due to being on the road, sorry about that. I have also had about four hours of sleep so we will see how this goes.

On day four I'd like to talk about one of my favourite things about Hanukah: Latkes Parties. I love latkes not only for Hanukah but for all year around.

I never had real latkes until I met my wife. (I'm not Jewish and growing up never had any real  knowledge of Judaism. I grew up around Lutherans, Mormons and Fundamentalist Christians. I was raised as a Christian, but it never stuck with me, but that's another story.)

Back to latkes. My mom used to make potato pancakes using either leftover mashed potatoes or from a box. I have to admit that I really enjoyed potato pancakes a lot. Hey, I give me potatoes, meat and bread and I'm a happy guy. It's the Mick and Limey in me I guess. When I met my wife and she introduced me into how she made potato pancakes or latkes I was over the moon. Shredded potatoes with onion and a pinch of this and that, fry them up, this is even better. Then taking and putting sour cream on top of that, this is what it's all about.

So, do yourself a favour and have some latkes. If anyone wants my wife's recipe let me know. My mouth is watering just thinking of latkes.


Brian Guy

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