Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Guttermouth - 11oz ep

From Huntington Beach, CA we have Guttermouth. Guttermouth have been around for a while, but this seems to be the only thing that I actually have by this band which is really too bad as they are really good.

First off the cover of this ep reminds me of the old plain label beer tops, my dad used to buy that beer for camping trips, that had the same kind of hieroglyphics that you had to try to figure out what they actually said. I always thought that was a great thing for people who had been drinking to do was try and figure out hieroglyphics, but I digress.

There are four good songs on this 11oz ep. One of them "Sid Vicious was Innocent," may or may not be a cover of the Exploited song of the same name, but honestly I can tell. "Hopeless," and Pot" are also great songs but I have to say that the song "Just a Fucking Lounge Version." is pretty good too.

This was released on Hopeless Records of Encino, CA in 1993


Brian Guy

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