Thursday, February 27, 2014

Baseball Tips from the Stars ep - va

To make up for the horrible last post we have something very baseball related, "Baseball Tips from the Stars: How to bat."

Hitting tips from:
Stan"The Man"Musial. Musial was a great slugger with the St. Louis Cardinals and pretty popular in the community as well.
Ernie Banks. Ernie"Mr. Cub"Banks was a great hitter in his times too bad he played for the Chicago Cubs.
Duke Snider. The Duke of Flatbush was a great hitter and fielder for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets and San Francisco Giants.
Ken Boyer. Boyer a pretty good hitter in is own right for the St. Louis Cardinals

A pretty good hitter himself is Lou Boudreau who was a pretty good hitter himself for the Cleveland Indians.

All of the players interviewed on this record are in the Baseball HOF, except for Ken Boyer.

I always loved stuff like this when I was a kid. I'd listen to records read Charley Lau's book The Winning Hitter: How to Play Championship Baseball and I still couldn't hit worth a crap. Oh, well such is life.

This was part of three records but out by the Mars Candy company. This one was hitting there was one of fielding and pitching as well. Unfortunately this is the only one that I have at this time.

Released in 1962 n Sonic Arts Inc., of Chicago, IL


Brian Guy

Terry Forster & the Lovehandles - Fat is in 7"

 To celebrate baseball's spring training, I thought I'd post something baseball related what could go wrong? Everything.

Terry Forster was a major league pitcher that was called "a big fat tub of goo," by late night talk show host David Letterman. Letterman's comments caused a little bit of a to do and the 6'3" 270 lbs Forster became kind of a sensation and thus came this little turd of a 45 called "Fat is in" by Terry Forster and the Lovehandles.

Forster doesn't even sing on this thing, it sure as hell doesn't sound like him, there are a couple of sound bites of his voice but that is about it. So, why does it have his name on it even though he's not even really on it? My guess? Bottom line make a quick buck.

This is just worse that pathetic. I can not think of a single positive thing to say about this.

The b side has a crappy song called "King of the Singles Bar," which is about some geeky guy hanging out at a singles bar.

This had so much potential and just fails all the way around. I can not say how much I hated this record from the second I dropped the needle on this to the second I took it off, it was nothing less than painfully bad.

Don't know who the actual musicians are on this thing as they aren't listed and if I was them I don't blame them at all.

Released in 1985 on The Comedy Works of Los Angeles, CA

I'm not even going to post a link to the songs. If you really want to hear it let me know and I'll post it, but do you really want to hear it after this review?


Brian Guy

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flipper - Get Away 7"

San Francisco, California legends Flipper with yet another 45 of mayhem.

"Get Away," is an okay song, but I have to say the B side "There was an Old Lady That Swallowed  the Fly"  is the best part of this 45. Yeah it kind of goes on a little long, but is still worth the listen and takes me back to my childhood when I heard this song quite a bit. Never would have thought that Flipper would do a cover of it. The cover of this 45 is pretty much a take on the song, cute.

Released in 1982 on Subterranean Records of San Francisco, CA


Brian Guy

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Lewd - Complete Discography 1978 -1982 LP

A pretty good bootleg covering one of my favourite bands, The Lewd. The Lewd started in Seattle, Washington but left the great northwest for the lights of San Francisco, California.

This LP covers the first seven inch, "Kill Yourself," the LP "American Wino," plus three tracks off of the comps "SF Underground 2," and the "Eastern Front."

So technically speaking this is a complete Discography from 78-82, however there is at least one demo from 79 which is not here and I know of at least two bootleg live shows from 80. That being said this is still a pretty good showing.

Even if I didn't already own the above mentioned the material on this LP, I still would have bought this as it is a wonderful bootleg. The sound quality is great.

I did not know that Blobbo who played bass and guitar is responsible for the Seattle area band Metal Church. Oh how I hate that band. On a side note I once dated a gal who was related to one of the members of Metal Church.

Back the the Lewd. I love the tracks "Mobile Home," and "Suburban Prodigy," but there are a lot of great songs on this LP.


Brian Guy

Thursday, February 6, 2014

East Bay Ray - Trouble in Town 7"

Long out of print solo project by Ray Pepperell  aka East Bay Ray, bass player for the legendary band the Dead Kennedys.

The Dead Kennedys were a big influence on me when I first got into punk rock back in the mid 80's.

This little 45 is not at all punk rock, it is totally country western, but that's okay. I think this is an excellent release and should be apart of your collection, but if you are looking for a DK clone here you will really be disappointed, as like I said above this is country western.

I have to say I was surprised that East Bay Ray would be into releasing something like this, so it was a pleasant surprise.

East Bay Ray does not sing on this 45. Side one "Trouble in Town," is sung by Steve One. Side two "Poison Heart," is sung by someone named Vince. No idea who either of these people are, but they are pretty good singers.

This was released by Alternative Tentacles in 1984.


Brian Guy

Dreams Die Hard - Doncha Run My Life (Ode to Ollie North) 7"

I know nothing about this Dreams Die Hard other than they really don't like Ollie North and they are from Berkley, CA.

They use some cuts of North during the Iran/Contra Trails back in the 80's, there's also some Ronald Reagan in there to for good measure.

I'm not a big fan of either, but that's another story.

"Doncha Run My Life (Ode to Ollie North)" is a pretty good political song. The flip side is "I Wanna Know," which is a love song, and is just okay.

This was released in 1989 on what I believe to be their own label called Ouch! out of Berkley, CA


Brian Guy

Last Rights - No Guts, No Glory 12"

I believe this was first recorded back in 1983 or so.

Last Rights was a Boston, MA hardcore band featuring Jack Kelly of Negative FX and Slapshot fame on vocals.

This is very enjoyable, reminds me of Iron Cross and Poison Idea to an extent. It's funny that I like this as much as I do as I really don't care much for Slapshot, go figure.

This was released in 2005 on Reflex/Wolfpack Records,


Brian Guy