Wednesday, December 24, 2014

UK Subs - Hey Santa

Happy Christmas Eve everyone. Well I hit about half of the days of Hanukkah. Hopefully I'll be more motivated next year.

So, it's Christmas time and I thought I'd post a Christmas song.

The first time I heard this song was on Al Quint's radio show quite a few years ago. I could not stop laughing. This is a great song for every kid who didn't get the wanted from Santa Claus.

Beware there are naughty words, so if you are sensitive to that sort of thing, don't listen to it.


Brian Guy

Monday, December 22, 2014

אחת שתיים אמא אבא -המפשעות

Very interesting gift that my mother in-law picked up for me in Israel. I'm very lucky that I have a mother in-law that would go into a record store and ask about punk music. She was told that this is the hottest thing in Israel.

If the translation service I used is correct the band is Crotches and the CD is One, Two, Mother, Father.

I have to say that I would not call this punk, in fact I'm not sure what to call it. The music has a lot of different elements to it from 60's pop music sound to country western with a touch of punk thrown in.

The whole album is in Hebrew and since I do not speak Hebrew, I have no idea what the songs are actually about or the lyrics, but I do find this CD enjoyable.

If you are interested in listening to this I have included the link to their Bandcamp site.


Brian Guy

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Story of the Jews with Simon Schama

"The Story of the Jews," is a great BBC documentary series hosted by Simon Schama. The series is divided into five different chapters.
1. In the Beginning
2. Among the Believers
3.A Leap of Faith
4. Over the Rainbow
5. ReturnI have to admit that I have not seen the last two chapters, so I can only comment on the first three chapters. Basically this is exactly what it says it is, the story of the Jewish people.

From what I have seen I have to say it is all pretty well done and keeps your interest. Mr. Schama who is a historian and Jewish really keeps things moving and does not sugarcoat things and doesn't over do it either.
Of all of the programs of religious history I think this is my favourite one, it's not preachy and not over the top.

The show travels the globe tracking the history of the Jews from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Cairo, Jerusalem, Berlin and New York are also visited.

I would recommend this series to anyone who is interested in Jewish history.

Supposedly there are more episodes in the work, we will see.


Brian Guy

For some strange reason the blog is having issues doing this the way I want to save it and the first two sentences are in bold and don't want to let me correct it. Nothing like frustration. So, if this seems kind of like a short post the frustration quotient came into play.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Okay I missed a day due to being on the road, sorry about that. I have also had about four hours of sleep so we will see how this goes.

On day four I'd like to talk about one of my favourite things about Hanukah: Latkes Parties. I love latkes not only for Hanukah but for all year around.

I never had real latkes until I met my wife. (I'm not Jewish and growing up never had any real  knowledge of Judaism. I grew up around Lutherans, Mormons and Fundamentalist Christians. I was raised as a Christian, but it never stuck with me, but that's another story.)

Back to latkes. My mom used to make potato pancakes using either leftover mashed potatoes or from a box. I have to admit that I really enjoyed potato pancakes a lot. Hey, I give me potatoes, meat and bread and I'm a happy guy. It's the Mick and Limey in me I guess. When I met my wife and she introduced me into how she made potato pancakes or latkes I was over the moon. Shredded potatoes with onion and a pinch of this and that, fry them up, this is even better. Then taking and putting sour cream on top of that, this is what it's all about.

So, do yourself a favour and have some latkes. If anyone wants my wife's recipe let me know. My mouth is watering just thinking of latkes.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Did Jew Know? by Emily Stone

 Day number two brings us a book called "Did Jew Know? A Handy Primer on the Customs, Culture & Practice of the Chosen People" by Emily Stone.

This book is 255 pages of about every thing you'd want to know about Jewish life and customs. You want to know if Camel meet is Kosher it's here do you want to Jewish Marriage customs it's in the book. There is a lot to this book and I found this book to be kind of over whelming at times. Yeah it has a lot of information but it gets kind of to the point overload. The Star of David wallpaper when you first open the book gives me vertigo. Small complaint/comment.

This is not a book that I would want to read cover to cover but just use it as a reference book.

It's a good reference book full of information and let's leave it at that.

Published Chronicle Books of San Francisco, CA in 2013.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Square Brats - Demo 2009

Happy Hanukkah everyone. Not sure if I will be doing a post every night of the holiday as I've been slacking on the blog lately, but we will see.

Square Brats are a punk/hardcore band from Tel-Aviv.

The seem to have more of a hardcore sound than anything else. It's an enjoyable listen. Seems like the last song "Animal," kind of just ends abruptly, may just have been my browser acting up too.

Four songs in total, ranging from 03:29 to 02:01.


Brian Guy

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I know I haven't been posting much as of late, this has been a crap year for the last six months or so, but it's a long story and no one wants to hear about it so enjoy this. One of my favourite episodes of WKRP, the famous turkey drop. The sound on this seems to be a little off but still, better than nothing.


Brian Guy

Friday, September 26, 2014

Small Fortunes - Caution! Wet Floor.

I have to admit I haven't posted much lately because I've been busy with life, work and the normal everyday crap that we all deal with.

I've also been spending a lot of time on the bandcamp web site. I'd have to say that I really have fallen in love with the site because of all the music that is there. Every once in a while you find a band that is so, unlike what you'd normally like you just go, "yeah this is good."

That is how I feel about the band Small Fortunes from the UK. I think it's actually a one man band if you could call it that.

Basically the guy is "rapping" not sure that's what this really is, about a guy shitting his pants in an HMV store.

Yeah, it's childish humor but it's also really funny at the same time.

Maybe I've just lost my mind or something but I really dig this a lot.

As near as I can tell this is the only thing I've found by Gareth, who I think is the only person in Small Fortunes. If anyone knows of anything else released by him let me know.

Check it out if you want.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The End of the complaints for now

This is going to sound like a stupid compliant, but it's something that has ticked me off since I started collecting records many years ago.

How difficult is it to make sure that you have the right speed listed on a record? I mean seriously!! Nothing pisses me off more than sitting down to listen to a record and having the wrong speed listed. Especially if, in some cases, you really can't tell for a bit that it is the wrong speed. Then you sit there going WTF speed is this supposed to be on?

Added to the list are:
1. Incorrect track listings.
2. Labels that are on the wrong side. I can see this happening at a record plant some were but could you at least but a note in the record that it has the labels are switched?
3. Contact information. If you really want to promote your band don't you think you should have some contact information? I'm not talking a worthless E-mail address, but an actual address or at least say where the hell the band is from?

Okay that's it. Yeah, I actually have a lot more recordings I could piss and moan about how bad they are and I might do that in the future, but I'm going to try and be a little more up beat.


Brian Guy

Laaz Rockit - Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys Cover)

Yeah, I have another complaint.

I enjoy cover songs always have, ask any of my friends who know my musical taste. I believe in making the song your own, however this cover of the classic Dead Kennedys "Holiday in Cambodia" has always bugged the crap out of me.

Over all it's a good cover, metal band doing a punk song not a bad thing. What I object to is changing of the lyrics. You do not change lyrics in a song to be politically correct. I Don't care if you want to be PC and not offend anyone that's your choice, but if you are going to do that you should cover another song. Changing one word changes the whole point of the song.

This song was part of their 1989 release "Annihilation Principal" released on Enigma and RoadRunner Records.

Maybe I'm being to hard on them but oh well.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mooseheart Faith - st LP

So, My first post of records I hate, and the winner is Mooseheart Faith's first LP.

I remember when I first saw this back in the late 80's and saw it had ex-members of the Angry Samoans, how can this be bad? I thought to my self.  I love the Angry Samoans, they are probably one of my favourite punk bands of all time. I was wrong, oh so very wrong.

This isn't just bad it's total crap in my opinion. Shitty hippy music with Jazz, Experimental music and bad Electronica over tones, that just bores the living fuck out of me when it isn't pissing me off. Seriously it reminds me of stoned out hippies from the 1970's.

There are two covers of Angry Samoan songs "Unhinged," and "Back to Samoa," They are listed as being the original versions. Man am I happy that they never appeared on any Angry Samoan records because they aren't even remotely good.

At times you can kind of hear late period Angry Samoans in this but it is few and far between.

As for having Ex-Angry Samoan members? Out of the three people on this record two of them where in the Angry Samoans Todd Homer and PJ Galligan. I guess two out of three is not bad, but I kind of think this is false advertising, because if you think you are going to hear anything remotely like the Angry Samoans, you are in for the biggest let down of your life.

In all honesty I had not listened to it since I first played in when I bought it. I just ripped it to MP3's to see if it was as bad as I remembered it. Yes, it was as bad if not worse.

Released in 1988 on DeMilo Records of New York, NY

Now for something completely Different

The next month or so I will be doing reviews of records that I really hate, was disappointed with or had other issues with. There will be no links to download these post (I'm still shopping around and even if I wasn't I don't think I'd post links for this lot),

Yeah, I'm not in a great mood. Lots of personal stuff going on that I don't want to get into, so I guess trashing stuff is going to be my therapy. I feel like Luis Suarez getting ready to bite someone.

On a positive note the World Cup wasn't a total loss. Yeah, the teams I was rooting for: England, Brasil and Team USA, didn't do that great, it was still a good World Cup.

Basically if you don't enjoy records getting trashed check in, in about a month or so.

Brian Guy

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Blog is not Dead...Long live the Blog

No, I haven't give up on this blog I've just been hit with a lot of serious life issues as of late. I was in a car accident last month and have been fighting with my insurance ever since. It's a long story and to be honest talking about it just pisses me off.

There have been some other personal set backs to.

Then I lost my file sharing service, and while I have a new one now, I'm looking for one to just use to do a music show, as that was my original intention of this blog anyhow.

So, with all that going on I really haven't felt like posting too much at all, I've been more in the mood of thinking about things and how I'm going to get this blog to be what I really want it to be.

Then, there is the World Cup. Yeah I am watching the World Cup, over the last several years I've become a football fan, something I never really thought about but due to a few friends, Cas, Fady. Warren, and Juan to name a few, I've started enjoying it quite a bit, even my wife has gotten into it.

So, bottom line I will be back, just things have been pretty messed up and I'm sussing things out. That and the World Cup. Probably be back hardcore in about a month or so, depending on things.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Here we go again!!

So Rapid Share killed my account for all the usual reasons. I just found out today that they had done this, but I'm not sure when they actually killed it. I hadn't logged on to my account for a while and then when I tried I couldn't. So, I emailed them and several days later they tell me that they shut my account down, but couldn't give me much information.

You would think I'd be mad, but I'm not. I haven't been happy with their service for a while now, it seems like I've had a lot of bad links even before I got shut down, and they are raising the price in July and I was planning on leaving them anyways. I guess they broke up with me before I could break up with them, Oh well.

The only think that sucks is I'm out some money as I still had about two months left on my contract and all my old Rapid Share links are dead. (This includes my personal stuff, glad I back everything up.) I'm okay with it as I'm planning on cutting down on actually uploading stuff anyways so, it really works out okay and I already was using another service. I guess it balances out okay in the end, for the most part anyways

Stay tuned, this blog isn't dead yet, but 99.9% of the links are.


Brian Guy

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Cowlitz County Boys - St. Helens (Queen of Three) 7"

I know nothing about The Cowlitz County Boys, I can't even find anything on line about this 45. If you know anything about this band let me know.

This is being posted on the anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, which blew its top on this date back in 1980 at 1545pt.

The mountain had been threatening to blow for a while and then it finally happened, and it was spectacular. I may have only been nine years old, but I knew that this was something spectacular and terrifying all at the same time.

There was mudflows on the Tuttle River which threatened Interstate 5, log jams, ash and total destruction were shown on TV. Parts of Eastern Washington looked like midnight because of all the ash that was spewed in the air.

I dedicate this post to the 57 people who's lives where lost on that faithful day in May of 1980.

Released in 1980 on Renegade Records of Tacoma, WA.


Brian Guy

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Taking a Break

As you probably have noticed it's been a while since I have published anything new. I've been busy with life and work lately and have not really had the time to update things.

I'm also probably going to change my file sharing service too, but I will be back. I have plans for June, hopefully I can have the time to follow up on my plans.

Time will tell.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Lone Surfer and His Super Pals - Horror Beach 7"

Two songs from a super surf group containing members of The Mummies, The Trashwomen & the Phantom Surfers.

The songs were recorded live at Pony Express Pizza Parlor in Redwood City, California.

As for the music it reminds me of a lot of live recordings as it suffers from poor sound quality, which is kind of disappointing as I was really looking forward to this because of the people involved.

Two songs are presented on this little 45. Other than the sound quality, it's okay give it a listen yourself.

This was released in 1993 by Planet Pimp Records of San Francisco, CA and limited to 300 copies. Now the strange thing is I have two copies of this and they are both number 147. Kind of makes you wonder eh?


Brian Guy

Monday, March 24, 2014

Lew Jones - I Think I'm Going to Rain Tonight 7"

I posted some Lew Jones last year and promised I'd post some more so here it is.

I'd have to say that this is pretty good, it's kind of country kind of rock. I think I called it alt country when I tagged it.

The flip side "Terwilliger Bridge" is pretty interesting as I'm not sure if the bridge actually exist or not. The Terwilliger curves on I-5 exist as does the road Terwilliger, but as for this bridge, I'm not sure. It's a good song any how.

Released by Ripcord Records of Vancouver, Washington, in the 1970s when I am not sure.


Brian Guy

Los Reactors - Dead in the Suburbs (video)

Los Reactors doing "dead in the suburbs," probably one of the greatest songs ever about living in suburbia. Granted I grew up on a farm in the country, but this song could have been about a lot of  people I grew up with.

The Briefs also do an excellent cover of this KBD classic.


Brian Guy

Secure your Load

This is why you need to make your load is secure before you head out.

Lucky the driver was not injured, but had one of the other beams went thru the back of the cab it could have been fatal.

So for your sake and the sake of the drivers please secure your load and double check it!!

I bet when you saw the name on this post you thought it was going to be about something else eh?


Brian Guy

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Guttermouth - 11oz ep

From Huntington Beach, CA we have Guttermouth. Guttermouth have been around for a while, but this seems to be the only thing that I actually have by this band which is really too bad as they are really good.

First off the cover of this ep reminds me of the old plain label beer tops, my dad used to buy that beer for camping trips, that had the same kind of hieroglyphics that you had to try to figure out what they actually said. I always thought that was a great thing for people who had been drinking to do was try and figure out hieroglyphics, but I digress.

There are four good songs on this 11oz ep. One of them "Sid Vicious was Innocent," may or may not be a cover of the Exploited song of the same name, but honestly I can tell. "Hopeless," and Pot" are also great songs but I have to say that the song "Just a Fucking Lounge Version." is pretty good too.

This was released on Hopeless Records of Encino, CA in 1993


Brian Guy

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Trucking the Way it Used to be: Hauling Produce in the 40's, 50's & 60's by Travis Morris

This has been sitting on my pile of stuff to post for a while now and I'm finally getting around to writing up this wonderful book by Travis Morris.

My wife bought this book for me for Christmas and I instantly dug into it as it looked interesting and it really is.

Morris talks not only about his own experiences in this book but other truck drivers as well. Most if not all of the truckers that are covered in this book are from the Currituck area of North Carolina.

I loved this book. The stories are entertaining and informative of what trucking used to be like. From trucks with no sleepers, to trucks having to push each other up hills due to one truck not having enough power and a lot of other things.

It is interesting that a lot of the stories are before the interstate system existed. This means that a lot of time they were driving on two lane roads, which had to cut down on the speed of which they could deliver their loads.

Reading this book really makes you appreciate what things are like today and how we take things for granted in this day and age.

Some of my favourite stories are the one about driving migrant workers to Florida to work in the fields and having a windshield blown out by standing water that a truck in front went through. Honestly there are really too many stories for me to really talk about in a review.

The pictures in this book are really fabulous sometimes they are a little out of focus, but they are still wonderful and make you think how things have changed.

If you are into the history of trucking on the East Coast of the USA, this is a book you must have and read.

Travis Morris was kind enough to autograph the book for me and write a note to me. He also enclosed part of another book that he is currently working on.

This book was published by Travis Morris of Coinjock, NC in 2010.

It is still available from the address below:

Travis Morris
PO Box 66
Coinjock, NC 27923

It is $22 US includes shipping and handling.

Get this book you will not regret it.


Brian Guy

Channel 3 - I've Got a Gun (video)

Channel 3 was always kind of hit or miss with me, but I have to say that the songs that I like that they did I really liked.

Channel 3 was an Los Angeles, CA band that seemed like they were around for ever and released a lot of albums. My first exposure to them was a cassette tape that was put out by Posh Boy, called "The Skinhead Years," back in the late 80's. If my memory is correct this song was on that tape.

"I've Got a gun" is a classic.


Brian Guy

D.I. - Guns (video)

Probably one of the best songs that DI ever did and they did a lot of great songs, but this is my favourite.

So enjoy this classic Orange County, CA band and a video to the song "Guns."


Brian Guy

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Baseball Tips from the Stars ep - va

To make up for the horrible last post we have something very baseball related, "Baseball Tips from the Stars: How to bat."

Hitting tips from:
Stan"The Man"Musial. Musial was a great slugger with the St. Louis Cardinals and pretty popular in the community as well.
Ernie Banks. Ernie"Mr. Cub"Banks was a great hitter in his times too bad he played for the Chicago Cubs.
Duke Snider. The Duke of Flatbush was a great hitter and fielder for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets and San Francisco Giants.
Ken Boyer. Boyer a pretty good hitter in is own right for the St. Louis Cardinals

A pretty good hitter himself is Lou Boudreau who was a pretty good hitter himself for the Cleveland Indians.

All of the players interviewed on this record are in the Baseball HOF, except for Ken Boyer.

I always loved stuff like this when I was a kid. I'd listen to records read Charley Lau's book The Winning Hitter: How to Play Championship Baseball and I still couldn't hit worth a crap. Oh, well such is life.

This was part of three records but out by the Mars Candy company. This one was hitting there was one of fielding and pitching as well. Unfortunately this is the only one that I have at this time.

Released in 1962 n Sonic Arts Inc., of Chicago, IL


Brian Guy

Terry Forster & the Lovehandles - Fat is in 7"

 To celebrate baseball's spring training, I thought I'd post something baseball related what could go wrong? Everything.

Terry Forster was a major league pitcher that was called "a big fat tub of goo," by late night talk show host David Letterman. Letterman's comments caused a little bit of a to do and the 6'3" 270 lbs Forster became kind of a sensation and thus came this little turd of a 45 called "Fat is in" by Terry Forster and the Lovehandles.

Forster doesn't even sing on this thing, it sure as hell doesn't sound like him, there are a couple of sound bites of his voice but that is about it. So, why does it have his name on it even though he's not even really on it? My guess? Bottom line make a quick buck.

This is just worse that pathetic. I can not think of a single positive thing to say about this.

The b side has a crappy song called "King of the Singles Bar," which is about some geeky guy hanging out at a singles bar.

This had so much potential and just fails all the way around. I can not say how much I hated this record from the second I dropped the needle on this to the second I took it off, it was nothing less than painfully bad.

Don't know who the actual musicians are on this thing as they aren't listed and if I was them I don't blame them at all.

Released in 1985 on The Comedy Works of Los Angeles, CA

I'm not even going to post a link to the songs. If you really want to hear it let me know and I'll post it, but do you really want to hear it after this review?


Brian Guy

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flipper - Get Away 7"

San Francisco, California legends Flipper with yet another 45 of mayhem.

"Get Away," is an okay song, but I have to say the B side "There was an Old Lady That Swallowed  the Fly"  is the best part of this 45. Yeah it kind of goes on a little long, but is still worth the listen and takes me back to my childhood when I heard this song quite a bit. Never would have thought that Flipper would do a cover of it. The cover of this 45 is pretty much a take on the song, cute.

Released in 1982 on Subterranean Records of San Francisco, CA


Brian Guy

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Lewd - Complete Discography 1978 -1982 LP

A pretty good bootleg covering one of my favourite bands, The Lewd. The Lewd started in Seattle, Washington but left the great northwest for the lights of San Francisco, California.

This LP covers the first seven inch, "Kill Yourself," the LP "American Wino," plus three tracks off of the comps "SF Underground 2," and the "Eastern Front."

So technically speaking this is a complete Discography from 78-82, however there is at least one demo from 79 which is not here and I know of at least two bootleg live shows from 80. That being said this is still a pretty good showing.

Even if I didn't already own the above mentioned the material on this LP, I still would have bought this as it is a wonderful bootleg. The sound quality is great.

I did not know that Blobbo who played bass and guitar is responsible for the Seattle area band Metal Church. Oh how I hate that band. On a side note I once dated a gal who was related to one of the members of Metal Church.

Back the the Lewd. I love the tracks "Mobile Home," and "Suburban Prodigy," but there are a lot of great songs on this LP.


Brian Guy

Thursday, February 6, 2014

East Bay Ray - Trouble in Town 7"

Long out of print solo project by Ray Pepperell  aka East Bay Ray, bass player for the legendary band the Dead Kennedys.

The Dead Kennedys were a big influence on me when I first got into punk rock back in the mid 80's.

This little 45 is not at all punk rock, it is totally country western, but that's okay. I think this is an excellent release and should be apart of your collection, but if you are looking for a DK clone here you will really be disappointed, as like I said above this is country western.

I have to say I was surprised that East Bay Ray would be into releasing something like this, so it was a pleasant surprise.

East Bay Ray does not sing on this 45. Side one "Trouble in Town," is sung by Steve One. Side two "Poison Heart," is sung by someone named Vince. No idea who either of these people are, but they are pretty good singers.

This was released by Alternative Tentacles in 1984.


Brian Guy

Dreams Die Hard - Doncha Run My Life (Ode to Ollie North) 7"

I know nothing about this Dreams Die Hard other than they really don't like Ollie North and they are from Berkley, CA.

They use some cuts of North during the Iran/Contra Trails back in the 80's, there's also some Ronald Reagan in there to for good measure.

I'm not a big fan of either, but that's another story.

"Doncha Run My Life (Ode to Ollie North)" is a pretty good political song. The flip side is "I Wanna Know," which is a love song, and is just okay.

This was released in 1989 on what I believe to be their own label called Ouch! out of Berkley, CA


Brian Guy

Last Rights - No Guts, No Glory 12"

I believe this was first recorded back in 1983 or so.

Last Rights was a Boston, MA hardcore band featuring Jack Kelly of Negative FX and Slapshot fame on vocals.

This is very enjoyable, reminds me of Iron Cross and Poison Idea to an extent. It's funny that I like this as much as I do as I really don't care much for Slapshot, go figure.

This was released in 2005 on Reflex/Wolfpack Records,


Brian Guy

Friday, January 31, 2014

Flash Friday again

Ah the US Postal service. Apparently this driver wants to see boobs.

Good luck pal.


Brian Guy

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Red Simpson - Roll, Truck, Roll LP

This is a classic record for truck driving songs, no iffs ands or buts.

You have the classic "Truck Drivin' Man," " Roll Truck Roll," "Six Days on the Road," "Highway Man.

There is also a cover of The Willis Brothers, "Give Me Forty Acres," which is one of my all time favourite songs and "Nitro Express," is also on this album. Now just as a side note, there is a version of "Nitro Express" with Junior Brown and Red Simpson, which is really good floating around out there. If you can find it get it.

Red Simpson along with Red Sovine, Dave Dudley, the Willis Brothers and a lot more did a lot of truck driving songs during the 60's and 70's. Then it seemed like things pretty much stopped until the 90's with the "Rig Rock" series was released.

Red Simpson is still with us today as of this writing. He was born in Bakersfield, CA.

Released in 1966 on Capitol Records


Brian Guy

All American Truck Stops by Guy Kudlemeyer & Wayne Henderson

My wife got this book for me for Christmas and I have to admit I finished reading it a while ago, but have been to busy to post about it.

This book covers about every truck stop in the United States and even some in Canada.

The book is divided into five chapters:

1. Pre Interstate Highway America
This gives you a little history of the old mom and pop idea of truck stops, when they where not much more than a whole in the wall where maybe you could park your truck for the night.

2. One-Stops, Little America, and Iowa 80
This is pretty much the kind of truck stop I remember as a kid and traveling with my dad. I've been to Little America back in the mid-80's and remember it was so big I thought it was a town.

3. Oil Company-Branded Truck Stops: Profiles of Brands
I found this pretty interesting as it covers a lot of different brands, some of which I've never heard of because they were rationalised.

4. Truck Stop Operators
This was another fascinating part of the book. It covered a lot of different operators some of which I knew about like "Stuckey's," "Flying J, Loves, and a whole lot more.

5. Truck Stop Advertising
Let us just say there's a shit ton of advertisements form various truck stops of the past and present. If you like advertisements you are going to love this chapter.

I was in heaven reading this book there is a lot of information listed and both Kudlemeyer and Henderson really need to be commended for putting out a book like this. This gives you a very in depth history of everything truck stop.

The pictures and the history are amazing, if you are a trucker, or just a trucking buff like me this is a book for you.

Just one question. What exactly is a "Jobber Station?" Is this a truck stop that just uses diesel from anyone? I may have missed the answer in the book but, if you have the answer please let me know.

Released in 2011 by Iconografix of Hudson, WI


Brian Guy

The Detergents - Leader of the Laundromat 7"

Everyone that knows me and my musical taste knows that I love novelty music. I don't know why but a good parody really makes me happy.

I haven't heard this song in a long, long time. In fact when I bought it I wasn't even sure this was the right band or song but, the record gods where shining down on me that day because this is the song.

The Detergents were from New York, NY and recorded a handful of novelty 45s and I think one album. The only thing that I own of this band is this 45.

"Leader of the Laundromat," is you guessed it a parody of the song "Leader of the Pack." I find this song pretty funny for what it is.

The only thing I really hated was the flip side, "Ulcers which is just an instrumental. I've never understood having a really good song followed up by nothing more than filler. I've heard this on too many novelty records and it just really irritates me.

And another thing that draws me to this 45 is the lovely Mack on the cover.

However, if I had it to do all over again I'd still buy this little gem.


Brian Guy

Released in 1964 on the Roulette label of New York, NY

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mike Ness - I'm in Love with My Car (video)

I've always bee a big fan of Social Distortion from the early stuff to the later alt. country feel of the band.

So when Mike Ness started doing his own thing which was very alt country I really took notice. I enjoy this kind of thing a lot and hopefully you do too.

I decided to post this song because I have a very good friend who is really in love with her car. Which is pretty cool, I hope the car keeps loving her back.


Brian Guy

Off to a slow start this year

I'm off to a very slow start this year. I have a lot of stuff in the pipe to get out to the masses but between work and life, I have not had the time to really do much with the blog as of late.

Hopefully things will be back to normal in the not too distant future.


Brian Guy

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Boomtown Rats - Mary of the 4th Form 7" (alternative version)

So here we have Ireland's Boomtown Rats. I have to admit I have not really listened to too much of their music, but that may have to change after listening to this little seven inch record.

The title track was just okay, but what really made me like this was the flip side "Do the Rat." Still not sure what exactly the rat is, but I really enjoyed the song a lot.

I guess I've always thought of the Boomtown Rats as more of a New Wave band than a Punk band, but to me this seemed to have a punk sense of humour to it which I really enjoyed.

There are a lot of sleeve variation for this seven inch, not really sure why, but there is.

Released in 1977 on Ensign Records.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bad Religion - Generator Demos 7"

Happy New Year and all that! I hope everyone had a good new years, I was asleep by 11 pm, that's what happens when you get old I guess.

For the first post of the new year we have a Bad Religion bootleg. I give you "Generator Demos," I really know nothing about it. It has no label information no inserts, nothing except the song titles on the back.

Never the less the sound quality is really good and this does sound like it was lifted from a demo.

Two songs "Generator" and "Atomic Garden," are featured on this Grey slab of vinyl. Like I said before both are excellent sound quality and even if I'm not the biggest Bad Religion fan on the planet I enjoyed this.


Brian Guy