Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wrestling by Frank Gotch World's Champion

This was one of those finds that I was so surprised I almost didn't pick it up.

Wrestling by Frank Gotch World's Champion was originally published back in 1908 by the Police Gazette, back when wrestling was looked at a little different and events were covered in the Sports section of newspapers. I am happy that Paladin Press re-released this book in 2008, which is 100 years since it was first published.

When you think of wrestling in the early 1900's you had Frank Gotch, "The Russian Lion" George Hackenschmidt, and Farmer Burns.

This book is basically Gotch's instructional book on how to be a wrestler and be successful. The first part of the book his the Science of wrestling Chapter 2 is on Hints of wrestling and the last chapter is on Instructions of wrestling.

All of it is very interesting. Like I said this was a different time so all three chapters are very interesting and fascinating and what this book is pretty damn cool.

If you are interested in back when wrestling was real look for this book.

Published by Paladin Press of Boulder, CO in 2008.


Brian Guy

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