Monday, December 2, 2013

Playing Right Field: A Jew Grows in Greenwich by George Tabb

The Sixth day of Hanukkah and I have to say I seem to be staying in the punk rock alternative side with this post.

I first heard of George Tabb from his writings on Maximum Rock and Roll. He also played in the band Furious George and Roach Motel. which I always really enjoyed, so finding this book was pretty special to me.

His stories of being bullied by a blind kid and another one with one arm. His battles with his father. I enjoy his honesty. It doesn't exactly make Greenwich, CT a very fun place.

Some of it is pretty funny, some of it is kind of sad, but all in all this is a great book

This was Published in 2004 by Soft Skull Press of Brooklyn, NY


Brian Guy

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