Thursday, December 12, 2013

Big Trucks by the Editors of Consumer Guide

First off I'm not sure who the Consumer Guide is or why they would have put out a book like this but I am very thankful that they did.

I found this yesterday at a used book store, and at first I thought it was a children's book, because of how short it is, only 82 pages. However, there is a lot of information in this book and even if it is a little dated it was well worth picking up.

All the big names are listed in this book Autocar to White and a lot in between. However, there were some manufacture names that I really didn't recognize.

Crane Carrier Corporation (CCC) of Tulsa, OK. I don't think I have ever heard of them before or if I did, it didn't stick with me.

Magirus also know as IVECO Trucks of North America. Never heard of them.

Spartan seemed kind of a strange fit for this book since they are known as making fire trucks. Still I guess it's nice that this Charlotte, MI company was mentioned, it just seemed out of place.

Walter of Voorheesville, NY along the same line as Spartan makes mostly fire trucks and snow removal dump trucks.

FWD of Clintonville, WI. making mostly heavy duty trucks for snow removal.

They also have some pictures of Hendrickson and Marmon Motors tractors.

I do believe that Autocar and White no longer exist.

The big three of Freightliner, Kenworth and Peterbuilt are given quite a lot of coverage in the book and with good reason as when I think of trucking in North America these are the names that I really think of. International seems to be making a comeback as of late, Chevy and GMC I don't think even make Tractors anymore.

Still a great book and it was fun to read for the trivia.

 H.W. Kent and Edgar K. Worthington who combined their names to make the name Kenworth.

Kenworth was the first company to have factory installed aluminum diesel engine in a truck.

Freightliner was created out of the need for trucks by Consolidated Freightways.

Al Peterman created Peterbuilt in Morton, WA.

I really did love this book, and it's long, long out of print.

Published in 1979 by Beekman House of New York, NY

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