Friday, December 27, 2013

Angel and the Reruns - Beaver Cleaver Fever 7"

Angel and the Reruns from I believe is from Hollywood, CA seems to have a fixation on TV shows.

Featuring Hillary Carlip as Angel this appears to be the bands only release.

The A side is "Beaver Cleaver Fever," A song about "Leave it to Beaver," and a love song at that. Now, even though I really hated the show, "Leave it to Beaver," I enjoyed this song.

The B side is "Buffy Come Back," which is a song about  Anissa Jones who played Ava Elizabeth 'Buffy' Patterson-Davis on the TV show "Family Affair" and died of a drug OD at 18. and Interesting song.

Musically wise I'd have to say this is very new wave, and while I'm not a big fan of new wave I really did enjoy this little 45. Sounds like something that would have been on the "Hyped to Death" series.

This was released in 1983 on Carlip Productions.


Brian Guy

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Buck White & the Downhome Folks - In Person at Randy Wood's Old Time Picking Parlor LP

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a good boxing day. So, I thought we'd start the day after Christmas with some good ole country music.

Buck White & the Downhome Folks is a true family band better known as The Whites. Buck White and his two daughters Sharon Hicks and Cheryl White along with Jack Hicks who is Sharon's husband.

I believe if memory serves me correct the Whites are from Wichita Falls, Texas originally and then moved to Ft. Worth, Texas.

Enjoyable old time country music even though it's a live show it's the sound quality is really good and fun.

There are some pretty classic songs done on this album, "Tumbling Tumbleweeds," "Nashville Skyline Rag," and "Keep on the Sunnyside." which they did on the Cohen Brothers "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Soundtrack.

So, if you want some good old fashion country music this is for you.

Released in 1977 by Country Records of Floyd, VA


Brian Guy

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wrestling by Frank Gotch World's Champion

This was one of those finds that I was so surprised I almost didn't pick it up.

Wrestling by Frank Gotch World's Champion was originally published back in 1908 by the Police Gazette, back when wrestling was looked at a little different and events were covered in the Sports section of newspapers. I am happy that Paladin Press re-released this book in 2008, which is 100 years since it was first published.

When you think of wrestling in the early 1900's you had Frank Gotch, "The Russian Lion" George Hackenschmidt, and Farmer Burns.

This book is basically Gotch's instructional book on how to be a wrestler and be successful. The first part of the book his the Science of wrestling Chapter 2 is on Hints of wrestling and the last chapter is on Instructions of wrestling.

All of it is very interesting. Like I said this was a different time so all three chapters are very interesting and fascinating and what this book is pretty damn cool.

If you are interested in back when wrestling was real look for this book.

Published by Paladin Press of Boulder, CO in 2008.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dr. Corns' Bluegrass Remedy - Live LP

I doubt many people thing of Portland, Oregon as a mecca for bluegrass music, but there have been a few really good bluegrass acts that have came out of the Beaver State and Dr. Corns' Bluegrass Remedy was one of them.

The band was active in the 70's and unfortunately this live recording is the only thing they ever released, as far as I know.

I first heard this band on KBOO's bluegrass show one Saturday morning and was shocked to find that they were a local act.

Great name, nothing like a moonshine reference for a bluegrass band.

This album is made up of three live shows at Reed College, Portland State University and Oregon State University in 1974.

There are some great songs on this album that are pretty much bluegrass standards such as:
"Orange Blossom Special"
"Tennessee Blues"
"Duelin Banjos"

To name few, the cover of "Great Balls of Fire," made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis is pretty darn good. The one song that left me shaking my head in a strange way was the song "Little Sadie" which sounds a lot like "Cocaine Blues," without the cocaine being mentioned. Am I wrong? Listen to it and see what you think.

This is a must have album is you like bluegrass and if you are in the Pacific Northwest of the USA you should be able to find this pretty easy even though it's been out of print for years.

Recorded in 1974, but released in 1977 on Grass Roots Music of Portland, OR.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Willis Brothers - Best of the Trucks cs

The Willis Brothers of Shawnee, OK are have to be right up there with a lot of the other singers who where doing trucking songs in the 1960's, Red Foley, Red Sovine, and Red Simpson to name a few. Weird how they all had the nickname of "red."

The Wills Brothers did a lot of songs that weren't about trucks but they had their fair share of trucking songs and that's what this cassette was all about. All of the songs but the last one "Ode to Big Joe," is about trucking. It's a funny song, but it's kind of out of place on this cassette. My guess is they used it as filler.

The Song "Give Me Forty Acres" was a top ten hit in 1964 and it happens to be one of my favourite songs of all time and it is on this cassette. "Soft Shoulders and Dangerous Curves," is a cute little song about life on the road.

I do believe that all of the Willis Brothers (James, Charles, John "Vic" and Joe) are deceased.  John was I believe the last of the brothers died in 1995 in a car accident at the age of 73.

This was Released on Starday out of Nashville, TN in 1985.


Brian Guy

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Big Trucks by the Editors of Consumer Guide

First off I'm not sure who the Consumer Guide is or why they would have put out a book like this but I am very thankful that they did.

I found this yesterday at a used book store, and at first I thought it was a children's book, because of how short it is, only 82 pages. However, there is a lot of information in this book and even if it is a little dated it was well worth picking up.

All the big names are listed in this book Autocar to White and a lot in between. However, there were some manufacture names that I really didn't recognize.

Crane Carrier Corporation (CCC) of Tulsa, OK. I don't think I have ever heard of them before or if I did, it didn't stick with me.

Magirus also know as IVECO Trucks of North America. Never heard of them.

Spartan seemed kind of a strange fit for this book since they are known as making fire trucks. Still I guess it's nice that this Charlotte, MI company was mentioned, it just seemed out of place.

Walter of Voorheesville, NY along the same line as Spartan makes mostly fire trucks and snow removal dump trucks.

FWD of Clintonville, WI. making mostly heavy duty trucks for snow removal.

They also have some pictures of Hendrickson and Marmon Motors tractors.

I do believe that Autocar and White no longer exist.

The big three of Freightliner, Kenworth and Peterbuilt are given quite a lot of coverage in the book and with good reason as when I think of trucking in North America these are the names that I really think of. International seems to be making a comeback as of late, Chevy and GMC I don't think even make Tractors anymore.

Still a great book and it was fun to read for the trivia.

 H.W. Kent and Edgar K. Worthington who combined their names to make the name Kenworth.

Kenworth was the first company to have factory installed aluminum diesel engine in a truck.

Freightliner was created out of the need for trucks by Consolidated Freightways.

Al Peterman created Peterbuilt in Morton, WA.

I really did love this book, and it's long, long out of print.

Published in 1979 by Beekman House of New York, NY

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hope you all had a wonderful Hanukkah

Well this is the last day of Hanukkah. I hope everyone enjoyed my post this year. I know that not all of the post were exactly happy and heart warming, there was some serious stuff here, but I think it's good to show a well rounded view of things.

I already have a few ideas for next year and hope that you will all be around to enjoy it.

Special thanks to my lovely wife Heather, her mom and dad,   the Gottlieb family and my friend Cas.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bob Booker & George Foster Present - When You are in Love the Whole World is Jewish LP

I always have enjoyed the material that Bob Booker and George Foster put out, funny and topical as always. Yeah some of their stuff is very dated, but not with this album.

You will hear a lot of voices that you will probably recognize such as Frank Gallop, whom I posted one of his albums last hear for Hanukkah. Other players are Valerie Harper. Lou Jacobi, Bob McFadden and a few others.

What I love about this album is the fact that it's a split of skits and songs. This stuff is pretty timeless and classic.

Released in 1966 on Kapp Records on New York, NY

Enjoy this the seventh day of Hanukkah.


Brian Guy

Monday, December 2, 2013

Playing Right Field: A Jew Grows in Greenwich by George Tabb

The Sixth day of Hanukkah and I have to say I seem to be staying in the punk rock alternative side with this post.

I first heard of George Tabb from his writings on Maximum Rock and Roll. He also played in the band Furious George and Roach Motel. which I always really enjoyed, so finding this book was pretty special to me.

His stories of being bullied by a blind kid and another one with one arm. His battles with his father. I enjoy his honesty. It doesn't exactly make Greenwich, CT a very fun place.

Some of it is pretty funny, some of it is kind of sad, but all in all this is a great book

This was Published in 2004 by Soft Skull Press of Brooklyn, NY


Brian Guy

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Steven Jesse Bernstein - Prison cd

The Fifth Day of Hanukkah gives us Steven Jesse Bernstein.

The story of Steven Jesse Bernstein is not a happy story. His life was not a happy one he battled mental illness and was institutionalized as a child. Drugs and alcohol became a stabilizer in his life.

This CD has a lot of raw emotion in it and is not for the faint of heart. I enjoy the brutal honesty in his spoken word. The strange thing is the weird jazz music bed which is put under his words. This CD was only partly completed as he committed suicide by slashing his throat before it was completed.

The best pieces are "No No Man," "Make More Noise Please," and "Face." In all honesty I enjoy the whole CD. I think it shows a lot of insight into mental illness and addiction.

Released by Sub Pop Records of Seattle, WA


Brian Guy