Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The 4 Bursteins - Mit a Yiddish'n Taam (with a Jewish Flavor) LP

Happy Hanukkah day one!!

Just like last year I plan on doing a post a day for the entire holiday.

This year we will start out with The 4 Bursteins. This foursome has the husband wife combination of Peisach Burstein who was born in Warsaw, Poland, his wife Lillian Lux Burstein of New York and their two children
Michael and Susan.

Pretty enjoyable Yiddish music is presented here. Now I don't speak Yiddish, but I recognized a couple of the songs, not really sure why. A couple of the songs remind me of things that I have heard on the "Benny Hill Show" back in the day.

My Yiddish is limited to the words learned via Mel Brooks and a few Jewish friends.

I am not sure when this was released and couldn't find a listing for it on So if anyone knows a year when this was released please let me know and I'll update the posting.

This was released on Famous Records.

Happy First Day of Hanukkah

Brian Guy

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