Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Spalding Gray's Swimming to Cambodia by Spalding Gray

Today we have the late Spalding Gray's "Swimming to Cambodia." I remember renting this movie/monologue a long, long time ago. I really wasn't sure if I was even going to watch it. I put it in the VCR (yeah, this was the early 90's).

My first thought was "What the hell was this? Some guy sitting at a desk, talking?" As the minutes passed I realized that this was really something special.

Spalding Gray does a great job of telling his story of his adventures during the filming of "the Killing Fields."

I fell in love with this film and with Spalding Gray's work. He was out there and I think that's what made his work very special.

If you can't find the movie then get this book and read it.

Published in 1985 by the Theatre Communications Corp. of New York, NY


Brian Guy

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