Friday, November 22, 2013

50 Years since JFK's Assassination

This is the day 50 years ago that John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. I meant to do a post last night on this, but was too tired to really say much of anything.

I read Jim Marrs book back in the early 90's and thought it was really interesting. I've always had issues with the Warren Commission, maybe it's just me but the lone gunman just doesn't make since to me.

I was thinking about posting some music, like the Huns "Glad, He's Dead" or T. Tex Edwards "Lee Harvey was a friend of mine,"or "Bullet" by the Misfits, but I know everyone has heard them a million times so why waste the space to post them one more time on another blog?

I do think that Kennedy's assassination was the start of people not trusting the government of the United States. My dad always told me about things that he had seen in the Korean war, and has a strong distrust for the government, and son like father I feel the same way.

To me America's innocence died that day in Dallas. I wasn't even born yet, but talking to people who lived through it, they seemed like everything changed. We no longer looked at things the same.

I often wonder what would have happened if Kennedy had not have been killed in Dallas. Would he still be a hero to the left or would he have been looked down upon because of his affairs? What would have happened in Vietnam? Would we have become closer to Cuba? All of these things are fun to think about but they are all speculation.

Rest in Peace John F. Kennedy.


Brian Guy

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