Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Workdogs - King Dog Biscuit Presents ... 7"

I normally don't get into blues music much, but I have always enjoyed the Workdogs from New York.

As for as I can find out this was their first release from 1986 and their return address is Hoboken, NJ so I guess they moved to New York later.

There is no Jon Spencer in this version, just Rob Kennedy on bass and vocals and Scott Jarvis on drums.

Enjoyable music, however I did feel that "Funny $," went on a wee bit long, but I can live with it. The side B is "Last Best Friend," which is a really interesting song, strange but good.

The information on the back sleeve is pretty interesting and gives you a little back ground on both Rob Kennedy and Scott Jarvis and for me that kind of makes downloading this worth wile. I guess I'm strange that way.

Released in 1986 on King Dog Biscuit.


Brian Guy

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