Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Knucklehead (PA) - West Philly Oi! untitled ep

Another band named Knucklehead, this one is from Philadelphia, PA or as they say West Philly. So, if you are counting this is three bands named Knucklehead, there has to be more out there.

Enjoyable six songs of good old fashioned OI! Songs of drinking and friends no bullshit agenda just good music.

The best songs on this EP are "My Friends," always like a good song about friends, "Tough Shit," about fighting and "Fuck the Pub," which in a strange way reminds me of Steel Toe Solution, "Wrong Side of the Pond" one of my favourite songs of all time.

Not Sure who plays what but the band line up for this 2013 release is  Patt Whelan, Pete Blankemeyer, Richard Scott and that's all I really know about them. Other than the fact that his is a really good little EP and I wish them luck.

If you are looking for this it is available at http://knuckleheadwestphillyoi.bandcamp.com/

Check 'em out you will not be disappointed.


Brian Guy

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