Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kneecappers - Urban Kill LP

Here we have some pretty good KBD era punk from Cleveland, OH with the Kneecappers.

I had never heard of this band until I saw this record a few years ago. Interesting music with great song titles like, "Urban Kill," "Tumor" and "Sleepin' with You in My Heart." to name a few.

There are three live songs on the album, the one for "Smokin' Heroin," starts of very quiet and is kind of hard to hear at first. I thought of bumping the volume up a bit, but decided to keep it in all of its glory.

The band formed in 1978 and lasted about two years. I'm not sure that they ever really played out of the Cleveland area.

Enjoy this classic. I've included the liner notes, so you can read some more about the band.

This was released on Buckwheat Headlock Productions in 1996. Limited to 1000 copies.


Brian Guy


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