Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Campfire Stories: True tales of the Wild West Vol. 12 by Rick Steber

Since it's getting close to Halloween I thought this would be an appropriate book to review as we all remember sitting around telling campfire stories when we were kids, at least I do.

Rick Steber is a writer from the Prineville, OR area and has written many short books like this one. Has also won awards for various writings that he has done. His total count of books he has written is well over 30 total.

The stories are about one page long and your typical campfire stories to a point, but there are also stories of massacres, outlaws and other things that aren't even close to ghost stories. All in all this is a quick little read and the kind of thing that if you have kids they'd probably enjoy it.

I enjoy Steber's story telling style it reminds me of when my grandmother or parents would tell me stories of their youth or things they had seen.

This book is still available through Bonanza Publishing of Prineville, OR. This volume was printed in 1994. If you want the address let me know or look it up on line.


Brian Guy


More Ghost stuff to come later on this month.

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