Sunday, October 6, 2013

Black Metal - Voices From Hell DVD

This has to be one of the most disappointing DVDs I have watched in a while.

The tag line is "Early Innovators - Pure Cult Madness - Evil Stuff."

This failed on all three.

In My opinion this DVD was a complete waste of time. I admit that I'm not much into the newer Black Metal scene, but still this is just pathetic.

We have three videos Mayhem "Deathcrush," Venom "Black Metal," I've seen this video so many times it's not even funny. I have it on a VHS tape from back in the day and it's on YouTube, so why would you put this on a new DVD? Same with the Celtic Frost song "Circle of Tyrants," This is another video that I've seen many a times and is also on YouTube. I love both songs, but seriously was this worth it? The answer is a resounding No!

Then we have something called Consejo Black Metal which features some guy running around and speaking Spanish. I was left with WTF is this shit?

Then came the two pieces that really made this crap fest come together. "Black Metal Girls" montage, pretty lame and "Norwegian Black Metal Photo Documentary" this was just as bad.

Over all pretty pathetic attempt here. I was not impressed at all by this DVD and am happy I didn't spend too much on it as it wasn't worth much.

Released on XXL Media

Avoid like the Plague.

Brian Guy


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  2. Will do, I have more Black Metal DVDs to get to sooner or later.


    Brian Guy