Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Everyone

Happy Halloween to y'all. Everyone stay safe out there.

This is my spooky fake ghost photo I took in the Lava Caves located outside of Bend, OR.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Workdogs - King Dog Biscuit Presents ... 7"

I normally don't get into blues music much, but I have always enjoyed the Workdogs from New York.

As for as I can find out this was their first release from 1986 and their return address is Hoboken, NJ so I guess they moved to New York later.

There is no Jon Spencer in this version, just Rob Kennedy on bass and vocals and Scott Jarvis on drums.

Enjoyable music, however I did feel that "Funny $," went on a wee bit long, but I can live with it. The side B is "Last Best Friend," which is a really interesting song, strange but good.

The information on the back sleeve is pretty interesting and gives you a little back ground on both Rob Kennedy and Scott Jarvis and for me that kind of makes downloading this worth wile. I guess I'm strange that way.

Released in 1986 on King Dog Biscuit.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Knucklehead (PA) - West Philly Oi! untitled ep

Another band named Knucklehead, this one is from Philadelphia, PA or as they say West Philly. So, if you are counting this is three bands named Knucklehead, there has to be more out there.

Enjoyable six songs of good old fashioned OI! Songs of drinking and friends no bullshit agenda just good music.

The best songs on this EP are "My Friends," always like a good song about friends, "Tough Shit," about fighting and "Fuck the Pub," which in a strange way reminds me of Steel Toe Solution, "Wrong Side of the Pond" one of my favourite songs of all time.

Not Sure who plays what but the band line up for this 2013 release is  Patt Whelan, Pete Blankemeyer, Richard Scott and that's all I really know about them. Other than the fact that his is a really good little EP and I wish them luck.

If you are looking for this it is available at

Check 'em out you will not be disappointed.


Brian Guy

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Haunted Downtown Vancouver, WA Tour

Last night my wife and I went on a tour of "haunted places," in Downtown Vancouver.

It was a lot of fun. We were supposed to be on the 20:00 tour but got in on the 18:00 tour, which was really nice of our guide Brad Richardson of the Clark Co., Historical Society to accommodate us

The tour started in the Historical Society Headquarters which was originally a library build with a Grant from the  Carnegie Corporation of New York headed by Andrew Carnegie it was Granted on Jan. 20th 1908.

We then went down Main St., were he pointed out various places and ghostly things that happened in them. From Kiggins Theatre where a woman appears out of nowhere and to a couple who after hours appear to be watching a movie that only they can see, once approached they disappear, to the Interstate 5 bridge which is said to be haunted by former Vancouver mayor G. R. Percival who hung himself on Hayden Island. It is said his dejected ghost can be seen during the fall of the year walking the oldest span of the bridge.

All and all for an hour long tour and $10 this was worth it.

I had heard all but one of the stories before, from various books I have read. The story of Royce Thomas a bungling bank robber who was shot to death after he got cold feet and attempted to run away was a new story to me. He is said to haunt the building which is no longer a bank and makes his presents known in the loft area of the building. I can't remember the name of the building and it's driving me crazy.

There were somethings that were left out that I would have liked to have seen mentioned, The Slocum House which is reputed to be haunted and has even turned up on a ghost programme here in the states or the Old Hospital which is also supposed to be a hot spot of paranormal activity.

It was fun, it was good exercise and probably something I would do again if I had a chance, we will see.


Brian Guy

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ghost and Goosebumps: Ghost Stories, Tall Tales, and Superstitions from Alabama compiled by Jack Solomon and Olivia Solomon

This is a fun book in that it's not pretending to be something that it's not like a lot of books of this type.

You have a lot of paragraph stories of ghost and other strange things from the state of Alabama. The is also history of folk tales and the meaning of them. I found this very enjoyable and even though I know the history of a lot of folk tales it was nice to read it again.

There is a whole section of superstitions which I found very interesting everything thing is covered from how to react to a ghost to how to find your true love.

The last section is called Alabama WPA Folklore. These stories are longer stories than the second part of the book. It is still an interesting read and entertaining.

I really enjoyed the honesty of this book, even if some of the stories are pretty standard, it's still one that I would recommend.

This was published by The University of Georgia Press of Athens, GA in 1994


Brian Guy

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fifty Shades of Dumb: True Stories of Strange and Screwy Sex by Leland Gregory

Someone had to come up with a good parody of the whole "Fifty Shades of Grey," sensation of erotica, and here we have a winner with Leland Gregory's "Fifty Shades of Dumb: True Stories of Strange and Screwy Sex."

I have quite a few of Gregory's books of weird news mostly police related stories so, I am not surprised by him writing a book like this featuring true stories of people doing dumb things regarding sex.

You have stories of people having sex with teddy bears and about everything else, masturbation sessions gone wrong, you name it, it's probably in this book. There are also funny headlines and sex studies.

The 'Deviant Dictionary" which is a dictionary of about every weird sex fixation you can think of. I even learned somethings, I thought I'd heard it all. I was wrong. Mucophillia: Sexual arousal involving mucus, Coulrophilia: being aroused by clowns and the weirdest of them all, Eproctophilia: being attracted to farting. Really???

One of my favorite is the 16 year old who thought his father was hurting his mother so he shot his dad with a shot gun. Well, turns out they where just having sex. Oops, the dad survived.

There are many more stories in this book so if you find this sort of thing pick this up.

Released in 2013 by Skyhorse Publishing Inc., of  New York, NY

Friday, October 18, 2013

Knucklehead - I LP

I really wasn't sure what to expect out of this. Was it an OI band, possibly metal??? Well what we have here is metal kind of like that of the previous posted Knightmare. (I guess I seem to be reliving my teenage years lately with all this metal.)

The only thing I know about Knucklehead is that they were from Madison, WI.

Lyrics are kind of silly at times an example of this is the song "All Your Lies,' which has the lyrics "So, you've got a pretty face Well that's outside. Otherwise There's no trace 'cause inside your poop."

Really Poop? when listening to the song I don't hear the word poop, can't tell what they say, maybe shit. still using the word poop in your lyrics doesn't make you sound impressive it makes my think that you are seven years old. Maybe I'm being a little hard on them because it seems like in the 80's a lot of metal bands put out lyric sheets that didn't exactly follow the lyrics, I hope that was the reason.

Other songs touch on religion in "Mirror Christs," and war "P.O.W." The one song I really can't figure out is the one called "Johnny Cash." I have no idea what this song is about. I don't think it's about singer Johnny Cash, is it about people who want to do nothing but make money? Nothing like confusing lyrics.

Now, you are probably thinking, "Jesus Christ, he must really hate this record." Honestly, I enjoyed it, I just wish the lyrics were a bit better.

Released in 1985 on Speed of Sound Records of Philadelphia, PA


Brian Guy

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Knightmare (NH) - Mindless Mayhem LP

Not exactly the best album cover I've ever seen, but this band from Manchester, NH played some pretty good metal.

I think what I enjoy most about this band is the fact that is reminds me a lot of the bands that you'd hear on the "Metal Massacre" compilations from the 80's. There is a basic level on this that I really like a lot.

Al Mead plays bass and vocals he also was a member of GG Allin and the Scumfucks, so that also gives them some punk quality to their music.

They also do a really good cover of the Dead Boys "Sonic Reducer."

I'd say this is good traditional metal music from the late 80's without the glam metal. They do have the bullet belts and hair of any good metal band.

This was released in 1987 on Beaner City Records of Manchester, NH.

Beaner City Records? Interesting name for your record company.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Missy Hyatt "The First Lady of Wrestling"

Today October 16th is the birthday of one of my favourite wrestling manager/Valet of all time Missy Hyatt born Melissa Ann Hiatt, not going to say what year.

I remember her feuds in WCCW, UWF, ECW and various other wrestling federations. I first remember seeing her in WCCW, when she dated "Hollywood" John Tatum and she feuded with valet Sunshine.

She later married and divorced the late "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert.

Beauty and intelligence all wrapped on one package. She wrote a book called "Missy Hyatt: First Lady of Wrestling," back in 2001 which I have not read or seen, but would love to read it.

She was also in an adult video with Tammy Lynn Sytch called "Wrestling Vixens Untamed." I have never watched it even if I do find them both very beautiful, I'd rather remember her for her in the ring activities not for a porno.

She is still active in the independent wrestling scene and I hope she is for many more years.

Happy birthday to the ever beautiful Missy Hyatt.


Brian Guy

Campfire Stories: True tales of the Wild West Vol. 12 by Rick Steber

Since it's getting close to Halloween I thought this would be an appropriate book to review as we all remember sitting around telling campfire stories when we were kids, at least I do.

Rick Steber is a writer from the Prineville, OR area and has written many short books like this one. Has also won awards for various writings that he has done. His total count of books he has written is well over 30 total.

The stories are about one page long and your typical campfire stories to a point, but there are also stories of massacres, outlaws and other things that aren't even close to ghost stories. All in all this is a quick little read and the kind of thing that if you have kids they'd probably enjoy it.

I enjoy Steber's story telling style it reminds me of when my grandmother or parents would tell me stories of their youth or things they had seen.

This book is still available through Bonanza Publishing of Prineville, OR. This volume was printed in 1994. If you want the address let me know or look it up on line.


Brian Guy


More Ghost stuff to come later on this month.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kneecappers - Urban Kill LP

Here we have some pretty good KBD era punk from Cleveland, OH with the Kneecappers.

I had never heard of this band until I saw this record a few years ago. Interesting music with great song titles like, "Urban Kill," "Tumor" and "Sleepin' with You in My Heart." to name a few.

There are three live songs on the album, the one for "Smokin' Heroin," starts of very quiet and is kind of hard to hear at first. I thought of bumping the volume up a bit, but decided to keep it in all of its glory.

The band formed in 1978 and lasted about two years. I'm not sure that they ever really played out of the Cleveland area.

Enjoy this classic. I've included the liner notes, so you can read some more about the band.

This was released on Buckwheat Headlock Productions in 1996. Limited to 1000 copies.


Brian Guy

Monday, October 7, 2013

John Trubee - Blind Man's Penis 7"

A very strange 45 for today. I have to admit I really don't know much about John Trubee aside from what is listed on the back sleeve.

I'll let you read the back so you can get all the details of how this came about.

Pretty strange that the person who did the liner notes is Matt Groening of "The Simpsons" fame.

According to what I have read on line Trubee did a lot of records of crank phone calls and poetry.

As for this record itself the song "Blind Man's Penis" is kind of funny and worth a chuckle here and there.  The Song is not really that offensive in my opinion. The second side is a crank call to a motel, and quite honestly I've never understood crank calls, not even as a kid. The Jerky Boys and Neil Hamburger's crank calls to me for the most part just seemed stupid and this is no different and the sound quality is pretty horrible.

Over all this is a good novelty record. There is an address for Trubee listing North Hollywood, CA.

This was released by Mykel Board's Seidboard World Enterprises/The Only Record Label in the World of New York, NY in 1984


Brian Guy

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tin Huey - st ep

This is Akron, Ohio's Tin Huey's first release from 1977.

I just re-posted their 1980 "English Kids,"seven inch and since I bought this a while ago and just got a chance to listen to it I decided what the hell let's post it.

I really like this better than the other seven inch, this is really kind out there at times but very enjoyable.

At times there's rock, at times there's new wave and at times it seems kind of like something from Ralph Records.

Good Stuff

Released on Clone Records of Akron, OH in 1977


Brian Guy

Tin Huey - English Kids 7"


Punkish/Wavish music from Akron, Ohio.

The Song "English Kids" is the winner on this seven inch. It sounds like it could have been on one of the later Killed By Death or Bloodstains comps. side B "Sister Rose," is okay a little too much waver for me and the horns don't help.

All in all not a bad little record.

Released on Clone Records in 1980.


Brian Guy

D.O.A. (A Punk Documentary) DVD

I bought a bootleg of this DVD while I was on vacation and I have to say this is one impressive mess of a documentary.

When I first saw it I thought it was going to be about Canadian punk pioneers DOA, but then I pulled it out and saw Johnny Rotten's face. I turned it over and looked at the back and this is what it says:

"D.O.A. is a documentary chronicling the dog days of the first wave of punk rockers. Most already famous but others never to be, this is a train-wreck-fascinating look into the lives of a generation deciding personally if there really wasn't a future. See Sid Vicious nodding off in bed with his girlfriend Nancy, the girl everyone hated, who would be found dead of a half-inch deep stab wound in the very same bed only a few months later."

I then looked at the bands involved. The Sex Pistols, Terry and The Idiots, The Dead Boys The Rich Kids, Generation X, The Clash, Stiv Bators, X-Ray Spex and Sham 69.

I decided to take a chance. Once I got home I tried to look this thing up on the IMDB and came up with nothing. Apparently this was done in 1981 by someone named Lech Kowalski.

The DVD starts with a baby's conformation, and it just gets weirder from there a lot of stock footage of riots and various punk rockers.

The film loosely follows the Sex Pistols on their ill fated US Tour, I say loosely because there is a lot of stuff in between.

We see the Pistols play in Atlanta, GA and for some stupid reason we have subtitles. Why do we need subtitles for the Sex Pistols?

We have a GLC member go on about how bad the punks are, this person is never identified.

Then we have Mary Whitehouse of the "Anti-Smut Crusade" who says, "I'm not shocked by punk I'm shamed by it."

We then meet Terry Sylvester of Terry and the Idiots, he talks about how it's tough being a punk and how tough it is to get a job and how his mum and dad want him to get a proper job.

Ironically we only see his band play once to a disastrous set, which he walks off, because the band is too nervous to play. I find Terry pretty interesting in his insight and honestly. He also calls himself and outcast with no friends. He also tells a funny story about how to bake banana bread, which is just a dirty joke, still it's kind of funny.

We are then treated to X-Ray Spex "Bondage up Yours."

An unnamed Warner Brothers person talks about problems getting the Sex Pistols to the states and sums the music industry up pretty well,"We're not a non-profit organization." Indeed.

The Rich Kids play "Pretty Vacant,"

This brings us to John (It think that's his name the titling on this thing is horrible) Guinness the er to the Guinness fortune. He aquates punks with people who wish that they lived in another time to see people ripped to pieces.

A pretty funny quote from someone at a Sex Pistols show who claims to be in the "industry" saying, "Punk is not a valid music format in the states."

We are introduced to Bernard Brook Partridge of the GLC, who goes on about how much he hates punks and the Sex Pistols in particular. For some reason I find him pretty funny and very arrogant.

Now we have the Sex Pistols in Memphis on Elvis' birthday. We meet an Elvis impersonator and Elvis fans.

I could go on and on about this DVD, but quite honestly It all seems kind of pointless.

The Jesus Freaks at the Sex Pistols gig in Tulsa, OK is pretty funny.

I'm really not sure why The Dead Boys are on this DVD. They play one song, never talk to the band it just seems like the decided that they need some US punk band thrown in for the hell of it.

The interview of Sid and Nancy is pathetic in so many levels. They just come across as the pathetic junkies that they were. Sid keeps passing out and Nancy is well Nancy, she comes across as being annoying and an enabler of Sid's drug use. She makes the comment that, "He's been sick for the last three months," No shit, that's because they were trying to keep him clean the whole time and he was going through heroin withdrawal. Like I said pathetic.

They also interview some guy about bondage gear.

Sham 69 play a couple of songs.

And we end with the Pistols playing in San Francisco.

All in all would I watch this again? I don't know not for a long time. There was a lot of potential to this, but I think in the end it just falls short. I left some stuff out of my review just to make it a little shorter. It just seemed like it was thrown together  in a hodge podge of  chaos.

So, if you see this for cheep, watch it. I'd say that it's on the same level as early punk documentaries of the UK scene. I have one in mind but I can't remember the name of it.

Just a couple of questions: Did Terry and the Idiots ever release anything? Also, why do they have Dead Boys and Stiv Bators listed when we never see Stiv away from the Dead Boys stuff?

Oh, I guess I'll never know.

This was released by Digital Underground.


Brian Guy

Black Metal - Voices From Hell DVD

This has to be one of the most disappointing DVDs I have watched in a while.

The tag line is "Early Innovators - Pure Cult Madness - Evil Stuff."

This failed on all three.

In My opinion this DVD was a complete waste of time. I admit that I'm not much into the newer Black Metal scene, but still this is just pathetic.

We have three videos Mayhem "Deathcrush," Venom "Black Metal," I've seen this video so many times it's not even funny. I have it on a VHS tape from back in the day and it's on YouTube, so why would you put this on a new DVD? Same with the Celtic Frost song "Circle of Tyrants," This is another video that I've seen many a times and is also on YouTube. I love both songs, but seriously was this worth it? The answer is a resounding No!

Then we have something called Consejo Black Metal which features some guy running around and speaking Spanish. I was left with WTF is this shit?

Then came the two pieces that really made this crap fest come together. "Black Metal Girls" montage, pretty lame and "Norwegian Black Metal Photo Documentary" this was just as bad.

Over all pretty pathetic attempt here. I was not impressed at all by this DVD and am happy I didn't spend too much on it as it wasn't worth much.

Released on XXL Media

Avoid like the Plague.

Brian Guy

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tesco Vee & White Flag - Hot Rails to Hell 7"

I guess I'm a little late in paying tribute to Pat Fear (Bill Bartell) of White Flag, but here it is and yeah I know this is more of a Tesco Vee release but still.

Two great songs "Hot Rails to Hell," and a Black Flag cover of "Nervous Breakdown."

Rest in Peace: Pat Fear.

Released in 1991 on Lost and Found Records of Hannover, Germany


Brian Guy

Kittens - In Bazooka and the Hustler LP

This is a case of don't judge the album by the cover. I was expecting something kind of country western may be cow punk, but it also looked like of like a K Records release, but I decided to take a chance and buy it.

The music inside is very different and covers everything from slightly country sounding to acid rock. I have to admit that I did enjoy it, which surprised me a bit considering that I really, hated their Hawaii ep. Which I bought because I thought it was a different band, oh well that's what happens when you buy records sometimes. This LP is a lot better than the EP, I have to admit that the songs tend to run together at times, but over all I feel this is a worthwhile record to own.

Kittens is from Winnipeg. MB and this was released in 1997 on Sonic Unyon. of Hamilton, ON.

Listen if you dare.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sex Pistols - Live at Chelmsford Top Security Prison LP

This is an interesting record of the Sex Pistols from a live performance from Chelmsford Top Security Prison from Sept. 17th 1976.

This features Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Paul Cook, and Glen Matlock. So if you are looking for Sid Vicious, you are looking in the wrong place.

There was something just not quite right with this record it seemed like a lot of the noise from the prisoners sounded "canned." So, I did a little research over at and found I was right. Here is what was posted there.

"The recording featured many non-Sex Pistols overdubs and insertions arranged by the band's early soundman Dave Goodman. These included a canned audio track of a riot (complete with shouting, scuffles, breaking glass, etc.). As the liner notes on the Live at Chelmsford Top Security Prison CD say: "Their opening number was "Anarchy"... at the end of the number there was a barrage of catcalls, boos and screaming."

Honestly, knowing that kind of ruins the whole thing for me. I mean if you are going to play in a prison use the sound from the actual prison with no "canned" sounds, it basically makes it sound like a fake show. D.O.A. did a live prison show back in the 80's that sounded really good and had the real sound of the prison. (If I can find the VHS Tape I may rip the Audio from it. It was on Munch Music.)

Judge for yourself. It is cut into side A and side B. I just didn't feel like cutting it up more than that, thank the "canned" bullshit for that.


Brian Guy

Charles Brown

So I've been gone for a while on vacation and just got done with a week of work. Had a good time, the wife's family reunion was really good.

While we were there we had to make a trip to Urgent Care, and since I knew where it was, my wife and I took the person in.

Let me tell you Urgent Care on a Saturday morning in Bend, Oregon is pretty interesting. It was pretty busy and I waited in the waiting room reading and playing with my cell phone. This older guy came in and asked if he could sit by me. I said sure. We started up a conversation. His name is Charles Brown a very intelligent and friendly 84 year old. It turned out he was a retired truck driver so we had a really good talk on trucking and how much the area around Bend has changed in his life time it was really pretty cool. He also talked about how his dad and uncle delivered mail back in the 30's from Bend to John Day, Oregon. Not a very easy trip in the old days. It was a fun chat.

He was in having his hand looked at after having some skin cancer removed and I wish him well.

Take Care Mr. Brown.

One other thing, if you happen to be in Bend, Oregon. Stop in at Ranch Records on Wall St., It's a very nice shop great people. They have a sister store in Salem, Oregon which also rocks.


Brian Guy