Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gibson Bros. - The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing cs

I have always enjoyed the Gibson Bros., of Memphis, TN. I have to say that this cassette (yes, it's a cassette version that I have) has some of my favourite songs.

"Louis Collins" is an interesting song that breaks into rap for a few lines then back into a blues song. Seems to be about a gang funeral.

"The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing" is a good song of a man who lost his wife to another and goes to the strip club because he doesn't know where else to go.

"Big Guitar" is also a great song. Honestly I enjoy all of the songs on this cassette.

Side A features Jeff Evans, who probably everyone knows along with Don Howland, Ross Johnson on Drums and Brent Stokesberry on Guitar finish out the players on this side.

Side B features Jeff Evans and Don Holand along with Cristina on Drums and Jon Spencer, yeah him, on Guitar. The B side is also appears to be recorded live.

I hope everyone enjoys this.

This was released on Homestead Records way back in 1990.


Brian Guy

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