Thursday, September 19, 2013

More File Sharing fun

Okay the new and improved Rapidshare makes file sharing very interesting to say the least. If you try and down load one of the new files from now on click on the link it should automatically download if it doesn't open the link and then make your browser window to max and it should appear at the bottom of the page.

Click on the link and it should give you the option to download the file. Good Luck!!


Brian Guy

Squeezed Brains - Another Day 7"

Here we have the Squeezed Brains or Cerebros Exprimidos as they were known back in their home country of Spain.

Either way we have some really good punk rock and roll. The first song on the second side, "Heather O'Roukes Nightmare," is an instrumental number that  seems a little more hard rock or metal than punk but still really good.

This is a very enjoyable seven inch on white, slightly warped, vinyl. I don't think the warp really effected the sound at all.

Released in 1990 by SFTRI


Brian Guy

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Killers - Killer LP

New adventures with Rapidshare, let's see how this adventure plays out, shall we?

Here we have the band from Brighton, UK from 1977-1978. Pretty much what you expect good KBD stuff here.

Apparently the band was also called Joe Cool and the Killers at one time.

This was re-released in 2002 limited to 300 copies on Teenage Lust Records of Italy.

Now I do have a question regarding this label supposedly they released a compilation called "Bloodstains around the Vatican," Does any one know if that was ever actually released?

You may have to play around with it to get it to download but it will work.


Brian Guy

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gibson Bros. - The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing cs

I have always enjoyed the Gibson Bros., of Memphis, TN. I have to say that this cassette (yes, it's a cassette version that I have) has some of my favourite songs.

"Louis Collins" is an interesting song that breaks into rap for a few lines then back into a blues song. Seems to be about a gang funeral.

"The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing" is a good song of a man who lost his wife to another and goes to the strip club because he doesn't know where else to go.

"Big Guitar" is also a great song. Honestly I enjoy all of the songs on this cassette.

Side A features Jeff Evans, who probably everyone knows along with Don Howland, Ross Johnson on Drums and Brent Stokesberry on Guitar finish out the players on this side.

Side B features Jeff Evans and Don Holand along with Cristina on Drums and Jon Spencer, yeah him, on Guitar. The B side is also appears to be recorded live.

I hope everyone enjoys this.

This was released on Homestead Records way back in 1990.


Brian Guy

Friday, September 6, 2013

Septic Death - Kichigai ep

Classic hardcore from Boise, ID of all places.

I don't think I have to really say much about this classic hardcore band. This is a great ep and all the songs are absolutely fantastic.

If you don't already have this, you need to get a copy of this for yourself.


Brian Guy

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Screamers - Masque Los Angeles Dec 1978 ep

The Screamers really don't need much of an introduction. The band  formed in Seattle and then moved south to Los Angeles just at about the time punk rock was really kicking off.

Four songs from around Christmas of 1978, no Christmas songs here but, "Peer Pressure," is dedicated to holiday.

Tomata du Plenty is in great form on this little ep. Loved if from start to finnish and the sound quality is excellent.

This bootleg was first released in 1989, but has since been bootlegged again.

Enjoy this true "killed by death" era treat.


Brian Guy