Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Macc Lads - Three Bears The Best of 1982 -1988 DVD (review)

The Macc Lads from Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK are a band that I get confused with the Pork Dukes, mostly because their lyrical content is pretty much the same.

Macc Lads use juvenile humour, somewhat politically incorrect, but kind of funny. According to Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens the Macc Lads "Filth - The Most Disgusting Thing I Have Ever Heard! and that was in response to the album "Beer & Chips & Sex & Gravy." Probably justified but I have to say I found some of the songs pretty funny, more about that later.

"Three Bears," has live shows, videos and an interesting news report regarding the band. Good quality, sound and Video. It captures the band from 1982-1988.

The Second half of this DVD is from a show Live at the Gallery in Manchester 27/12/85. I normally hate live shows, but this works and captures the band pretty well.

As for the songs. You get the typical songs of cheap women, drugs & drink and even sheep shagging.  I found their version of The Ramones, "Blitzkrieg Bop" called "Eh Up! Lets Sup!" pretty darn good. The video to "No Sheep till Buxton," is pretty damn funny. Yeah and there's a cover of "Jingle Bells."

Okay, now here's the deal with this. The Macc Lads seem to be having fun and not taking themselves seriously it's pretty much school boy humour like the for mentioned Pork Dukes. Now, as for bands like GG Allin and the Mentors, I think they actually took themselves seriously. That being said I liked some of GG Allin's stuff, but I'm not going to try and defend him.

Back to The Macc Lads. I find it pretty damn funny that they are wearing "I'm a Sun Lover" T-shirts as in the lovely publication the Sun in the UK.

Just for fun I've included the video of "No Sheep till Buxton."

Interesting stuff, not the most intelligent band I've ever head, but enjoyable none the less.

This was released on MVD of Oaks, PA not exactly sure when.


Brian Guy

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