Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mahalium - Du Ar Sald! ep

Here we have punk rock from Falkoping, Sweden.

I don't speak Swedish so I was having to use what little translations that they provided with the insert. Seems pretty left wing, not that, that is a bad thing.

This was released by Falafel Media of Helsingborn, Sweden in 2001.


Brian Guy!%20ep.rar


  1. As a matter of fact "i sort of know" the drummers brother (attended a barbeque with him earlier this summer). RKA (the drummer) comes from Mullsjö a suburb to my hometown and has since moved away from here but when this band was around they played some show around these parts organised by "Svavel" a leftist organisation putting on shows. The band themselfs where left but thats sort of a rule when playing in a Swedish punkband but in no way where they on any organisations agenda. Most lyrics deal with staying an outsider and refusing to be a part of capitalism and the norms of society.
    "RKA Avskum" as he calls himself these days now play in the way supperior band "Snutjävel" thats on some more hardcore-ish punk thing (think i uploaded at least one of their old cassettes on Fuck Yeah)


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  3. Let's try this again, maybe I will not screw it up this time.

    Thanks for the info on the band. Always interesting to here more information about the band and their members.

    I've always liked a lot of the Swedish hardcore like D.S. 13 and the like, sometimes they are a little two left wing for my liking which is saying a lot considering what a horrible socialist I am, but we all have opinions.

    I'll have to look for that cassette over at "Fuck Yeah"


    Brian Guy

    1. If you like Swedish hardcore but dislike the leftist occult shit most of them are slaves under you should give Frontlash a listen. Might lack the Swedish sound (sounds NYHC) but one of the few HC bands rom here thatd eals with subjects like patriotism and stuff