Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where have all the bloggers gone...

I've been sick for the last couple of days. Today I finally felt well enough to jump on the computer and do a quick post.

So today I decided to go thru all my links that I have to different websites and I ended up deleting about half of them because either they hadn't been updated in a year or more or they just didn't exist anymore.

Kind of sad when you think of it. Last year it seemed like there were all sorts of music blogs now most of the ones, at least the ones that I visited are long gone.

Pretty sad.


Brian Guy


  1. Well speaking for myself it's the attitude among the readers that does it. If i search for a rare record, then pay $25 for it, rip it and scan/photo the covers. I then post it and notice that 600 people have downloaded the record but all i get is a comment saying "this isn't Oi!" by some little fuckwhit from Brazil then the interest is lost.

    Seems 90% of the bloggers only blogg for themselfs and their close friends so since money isnt even in the picture my guess is people loose interest thanks to the lack of interest from the rest of the world. People hang out on twitter these days, we bloggers are a dying breed.

  2. I hadn't even thought about that Bernando, but that's a good point. I know I don't get many comments on this blog, which is fine because I really don't care.
    When I was posting exclusively on DU I noticed that mentality a lot more. I'd see all of these down loads but no comments, or snotty comments.
    What really got me was when I'd ask people for information about a band and bunch of people would down load it and not post anything at all.
    I really think some people are just down loading stuff for down loading sake and not really even paying attention to what they are down loading. The hot Lixx record that I posted which was completely blank and I even said so in the post but yet a lot of people downloaded basically the scans.
    Truth be known I'm doing this for my own entertainment and if I can turn someone on to good music or a book they might like then that's cool.
    I think that if people actually posted comments they might be able to expand their horizons and meet some pretty cool people along the way, like I have.
    I don't think the whole Medifire and Megaupload debacles have helped out bloggers either.



    1. Thats sort of the attitude i have towards my Fuck Yeah site since i started it for friends that wanted records and stuff but since people expect me to upload on the US of Oi! site it has started to become more like work. That Megaupload thing is one of the reasons and people actually becomming frustrated when i don't re-upload them fast enough is a huge reason to leave the site for a month and not even care.

  3. Yeah, I think when blogging starts to feel like a job, it's time to step back and take a break.

    I've done this on both this blog and DU, I still enjoy it but sometimes life takes priority.