Thursday, June 27, 2013

New CFL Season Starts today...and again those of us in the states are left out!!!

So the The CFL kicks off tonight with Montreal at Winnipeg and yet again here in the states it doesn't look like the CFL has a contract with anyone so it looks like my wife and I will be missing out on the CFL for at least part of the season again.

I wrote the CFL about my frustrations, I mean there is a fan base for the CFL here in the states, I'd like to actually watch the games instead of having to listen to the radio broadcast over the internet, but I guess it's better than nothing.

You are probably wondering what my CFL rant has to do with this band from Hamilton, ON. Well, the Hammerboiz did a song about their beloved Hamilton Tiger-Cats, which is my second favourite team next to the BC Lions. The song they do is a take off of the "Pigskin Pete" chant which you'd hear at old Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Below is a clip of how the chant actually goes. it's from 1998 when they played Ottawa.


Brian Guy

One last thing I ripped this a long time ago before I really knew what I was doing so the tags are kind of screwed up.

Also, did the Hammerboiz ever put anything else out?

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