Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Murder 2x7" (Not for the faint of heart)

This is a pretty dark post for a pretty nice day outside.

What we have here are parts of interviews of four convicted mass murders: Ted Bundy, Henry Lee Lucas, Edmund Emil Kemper and Kenneth Bianchi.

All body counts are taken from the Answer Me! Fanzine, so take it for what it's worth

I think the interview with Henry Lee Lucas is probably the most honest interview about his life and how he told the state of Texas that if they released him he'd kill again, they released him and that He did. He is said to have murdered some where between 11-300 people. The one thing he doesn't talk about is his sometime accomplice Ottis Toole.

"The Co-ed Killer" Edmund Emil Kemper is pretty interesting too and kind of gives some insight into his personality. Strange but interesting.  Man did he ever hate his mother, and it sounds like the feelings were pretty mutual.  He is said to have murdered ten women.

The most pathetic interview is the one of Theodore Robert Bundy. There are several different interviews of him put together. One is him being a cocky prick saying he didn't do any thing and the police have nothing on me. The next interview is with Dr. James Dobson, so you know right away it's going to be a bunch of bullshit. Bundy blames everything on hardcore porn and everyone but himself. Basically he's the victim not the women and girls he butchered. I also find it totally mind blowing about how were he grew up he found hardcore porn dumped in alleyways, I don't know about you but that never happened in my neighbourhood. To me it seems like Bundy and Dr. Dobson are basically using each other for their own nefarious reasons. Bundy is said to have murdered from 20-50 women.

Before warned this is not exactly for the kiddies and if you are sensitive to frank talk don't down load this.


Brian Guy


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