Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lorne Greene - Shadow of the Cactus 7"

Yes, it's that Lorne Greene from Bonanza (Ben Cartwright) and Battlestar Galactica (Commander Adama), in the 70's version, doing country western songs about the old west.

Now I watched a lot of both shows when I was growing up. I knew on Bonanza if Hoss or Little Joe fell in love with any woman they would be dead by the end of the show, kind of like the red shirts in Star Trek.

Side A "Shadow of the Cactus," is a great little song that I could see Mike Ness or Social Distortion doing a cover of possibly even those crazy Michigan boys Elvis Hitler if they were still around. If I had to choice one word to describe this song it would be enjoyable in a very twisted way.

The Second song "Five Card Stud" reminds me of Benny Hill. I say that not because the song is funny, because it's not it's just the delivery is very Benny Hill. It's a great song with a interesting twist in the end.

Is this great music? I guess it depends on your idea of great music. It's not as bad as some of Shatner's stuff or as good as some other actors stuff, but I liked it.

This was released in 1965 on RCA Victor


Brian Guy

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