Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Grimey Offensive Drunks - G.O.D. Hates You ep

Grimey Offensive Drunks are from Tucson, AZ.

I have to admit I'm not sure what the name of this EP is it could be the one I think it is it could be "Sobriety = Death" or "Punk is dead and I pulled the Trigger," so take your pick of the three or who knows it could be something else.

When I bought this I was thinking it might be a OIish type band, well the music is different and reminds me of a combination of the Germs and GG Allin in both the vocals and lyrical content.

I actually enjoyed it probably not something that I'd listen to a lot, but it's good.

This was released by Bandwagon Records of Tucson, AZ in 1997.


Brian Guy


  1. The "I hate frat boys" song really pushed the boundaries of short songs. Far from my music but with those 3 awesome album names (i choose Punks dead and i pulled the trigger) i had to give it a try. Must say i sort of enjoyed Liberty

  2. I liked the "Punks Dead and I Pulled the Trigger," the best, especially with the head shot of GG over Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Glad you gave it a shot.