Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cockney Reject: My Life of Music Football and Blood by Jeff Turner with Garry Bushell

I have to admit I thought I knew more about the Cockney Rejects and had a lot of their vinyl I was wrong. I guess this means the next trip to the record store I will be picking up some more of their stuff.

I really enjoyed this book. It is written very Cockney so if you don't understand Cockney it could be challenging to read at times, but I would not let that hold you back from reading this.

Turner's honesty from his upbringing, successes and failures are refreshing.

He talks openly about his run ins with the law and being abused by the Old Bill, or Filth as he calls the police. Can't get more Cockney than that.

There is no poor little me in this book, just saying how he felt about things and how he wishes that they had done things a little bit differently. The one thing that really comes across is the fact that he felt that they were used by the record companies. Which is probably true, and how releasing a West Ham United "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles," song was probably not the best thing for a band that was going to be touring the UK.

Cass Pennant and an assortment of other football people are mentioned in the book. Turner's love of West Ham United comes through on the pages of the book.

He distances himself from the OI! movement for the most part and points out that they were not in favour of the more right wing elements of the music and just basically wanted to play music and stay away from politics all together.

The strangest story in the book is the one he tells about being held at gun point by Roger Rogerson of the Circle Jerks to do a show in Los Angeles. Strange tale indeed.

If you can find this book it is a worth while read.

it was published in 2010 John Blake Publishing of London.


Brian Guy

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