Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Andy Kaufman My Breakfast with Blassie DVD

I have to admit the only reason I bought this was because of "Classy" Freddie Blassie.

We have Kaufman meeting Blassie at a Sambo's Resturant in downtown Los Angeles to talk about wrestling and life in general.

Honestly, I have to admit that the whole idea of them sitting around having breakfast and talking about what they are going to order and how Blassie doesn't like pancakes or waffles gets kind of old.

Blassie talks about how he hates to have people ask him for autographs because it's pretty pointless and you never know where these people have been. Blassie and Kaufman both talk about constantly washing their hands and not wanting to touch things other people have. For example Blassie never touched the hand rail going to the ring and always wiped down the arm rest on airplanes.

The constant interruptions of people wanting either Kaufman or Bassie's autographs and the interactions with these people gets really irritating. Kaufman just will not shut up and leave things along and keeps on taunting and hitting on a table of women. Blassie seems pretty annoyed by the whole thing. Kaufman ends up giving one of the women his number, because Blassie said that she had good legs. The last fan who basically vomits on the table that Kaufman and Blassie are sitting at is pretty much the last straw for me. At this point Blassie basically ask Kaufman keep on letting these people around and will not leave them a lone causing them to think it's okay for them to come over and annoy Blassie. Kaufman says that he finds the interactions funny.

At one point Kaufman shows Blassie these fake boogers that he has bought in a joke shop in San Francisco. Blassie is kind of revolted but buys a pack for a buck off of Kaufman.

Blassie talks a lot about wrestling and things that he had done in his life, Kaufman seems to be totally in ah of Blassie and really seems to want to know if he should continue to wrestling or if he should give it up. Blassie basically tells him he should give up wrestling because he doesn't have the experience to be a wrestler.

I loved hearing the story of Blassie when asked by Mike Sharpe Sr. (father of "Iron" Mike Sharpe) what he would do to make himself stand out for an up coming trip to Japan. So he files his teeth down for the trip to Japan to make himself more intimidating to the Japanese fans and also to make himself stand out, and it worked.

The finish eating and Kaufman picks up the check and the leave.

"The Blassie Graffiti" Bonus feature is really cool. It shows parts of his matches in interviews. Johnny Legend also talking about how Blassie effected his life, and shows some home movies with him and Blassie along with The Fabulous Kangaroos, "Baron Michelle Leone, and a few others was an added bonus.

So is this worth watching? Yeah, I think so if just for the history.

This was originally released in 1981 and was re-released in 2009 by Legend Music and VSC.


Brian Guy

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