Thursday, April 4, 2013

Detroit An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff

This is a wonderful and at the same time horrifying book about the rise and fall of Charlie LeDuff's home town of Detroit, Michigan.

The book covers the corruption of political figures like former mayor now convict Kwame Kilpatrick and the troubled Monica Conyers along with the money that was supposed to go the the fire department that disappeared of the fact that the police are underfunded, and murders are called suicides even when they are arguably homicides. He also covers the issues at the news paper that he works for The Detroit News, which much like the city is broke.

It is amazing that Detroit which was once one of the leading cities for home ownership is now a cesspool of blocks and blocks of abandoned homes that burn daily just for kicks it would seem.

We not only see issues in Detroit but issues that LeDuff has to face regarding his own life. Her pulls back the layers of his own life looking at the death of his Sister and years later his niece. It's fascinating look at his own life and the death of Detroit.

A good friend of mine is from Detroit, and from what he's told me it seems that LeDuff is right on in his descriptions of what is going on in the city.

LeDuff really doesn't really offer any solutions to the plight of the city just a documentation of it.

This is a must read book.

Released in 2013 on The Penguin Press, New York, NY


Brian Guy

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