Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stompin' Tom Conners dead at 77

My wife just called me and said that she heard that NPR announced Stompin' Tom Conners had passed away.

I was shocked, as I truly love the music of Stompin' Tom. Canada has lost a true legend in the music scene, Stompin' Tom Conners has passed away on March the 6th at his home in Halton Hills, ON, he was 77.

I only learned of Stompin' Tom about 13 years ago or so when my great friend Pete turned me on to Stompin' Tom's music.

Stompin' Tom reminds me a lot of Johnny Cash and a dash of Wilf Carter for good measure. His songs were very Canadian and focused on Canadian subjects for the most part.

It really is sad that most people outside of Canada have never heard of Stompin' Tom. Trying to find his music in the states is damn near impossible. I have found one of his records here in the states, and they guy who sold it to me had no idea who Stompin' Tom was. Here is a guy who was taken away from him mum at a young age and really set out and made a name for himself.

It's hard for me to believe that this Canadian icon, who brought us the "hockey song," which was played on the CBC for Hockey night in Canada is no longer with us. Rest in Peace Stompin Tom.

As a memorial to Stompin' Tom I've uploaded some albums of his, I think I already posted a while ago, but the links no longer work. So, if you want to hear some good music, here is your chance. Special thanks to the person that sent me the cartoon. (I can't remember your name but thanks). Also thanks to Pete for sending me the picture below.

a very sad,

Brian Guy

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