Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hopalong Cassidy and the Singing Bandit featuring Bill Boyd 2x78

This is something a little different from what I normally post. This was given to me by my wife from a friend she works with.

What we have here is a child's book with records to go along with the story. It's a pretty good learning tool and I had a few of these type of setups when I was a kid growing up, but I haven't thought of them in years.

The story features:

Bill Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy
Andy Clyde as California
Rand Brooks as Lucky
Topper as himself (topper is Cassidy's horse).

None of the towns people of the bad guys are listed and are probably forgotten thru the sands of time.

The story is that Hopalong, California and Lucky go riding into town where they are mistaken for bandits that just robbed the local bank. Needless to say they all end up in jail, until Hopalong uses his trusty horse Topper to break them out of jail. Hopalong and Lucky break out and go looking for the bandits, while California stays behind to prove that they aren't really the bandits and are going to go hunt the real bandits down and bring them to justice.

Now if you suspend reality for a second this is a pretty interesting story, however I find it kind of hard to believe that:

1. You can use your horse and a rope to take out the bars of the Jail
2. No one would hear someone doing it.
3 Lastly that criminals would be stupid enough to follow someone just because they are wearing a mask and singing.

I guess if I was six years old I'd fall for it, but I haven't been six in a long time. It's still kind of fun to listen to even for someone who really doesn't like westerns that much.

Being lazy I did not copy the pages of the book so if you where hoping for that, sorry.

Bill Boyd who plays Hopalong was born in Fannin County, TX but his parents moved to Dallas during the great depression and that's when it appears Bill got started in radio as a musician and actor. It looks like he also has some strange connection to the Texas swing band The Light Crust Doughboys, a truly great band. (I might do something on them down the road.)

Bill Boyd died in December 7th, 1977 in Dallas, TX

Andy Clyde if I am right is Andrew Allan Clyde who was born in Blairgowire, Perthshire, Scotland on March 25th, 1892 and died May 18th 1967 in Los Angeles, CA. He had a very long career in silent movies and also did a little work on TV, mostly westerns.

Rand Brooks was born in St. Louis, MO September 21st, 1918 and died September 1st, 2003 in Santa Ynez, CA. He was once married to Lois Laurel daughter of Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame. He also Ran a large private ambulance company in Los Angeles County after he left show business.

As for Topper, who knows.

This was released in 1950 on Capitol Record Reader.


Brian Guy


  1. This was just way to wierd even for me.

  2. It is a little different isn't it? Kind of reminds me of a movie that you'd review over on VHS-Ploitation.


    Brian Guy