Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ghostly Walks Walking Tours Victoria, British Columbia

So, while my wife and I where on vacation up in British Columbia we decided to go on our first ever "ghost tour,"

I have to say it was a lot of fun, 90 min of walking around downtown Victoria hearing tells of the ghost that haunt the provincial capital of British Columbia.

The one thing that always gets me when I'm reading a book about ghost from a town, region or in this case a tour, is being told that were ever they are is the most haunted place anyplace. I mean come on how can every place be the most haunted? Seems like a marketing ploy or bragging to me. Oh, well.

On to the review of the tour, We had a lovely English gent as our guide, it was a pretty large group on the tour, which made getting around and keeping up interesting at times.

Their stories are pretty well researched and I was familiar with some of the stories that where told. I enjoyed the story of poet Richard Service who hated Victoria so much that when he died in the Yukon his ghost came back and haunted his former room above the bank which he worked as a teller before he moved on to the Yukon. His Ghost only was there for nine days and then moved on. Seems kind of strange to come back to a place that you hated in life, but as the guide said maybe he wanted to make sure that he really hated the place before he headed out for whatever was next for him.

There was a lot of other stories that where told some tragic some kind of funny. I would definitely recommend this tour if you have even a fleeting interest in ghost.

You can get your tickets at the Information Centre at 812 Wharf Street or at the beginning of the tour, which starts at the same location.

I honestly didn't experience anything, my wife said that she heard some voices of the undead, you never know.

The post before this one covers a book that I recommend that you read before the tour, you can find a copy of it at Munro's Books 1108 Government Street in Victoria.


Brian Guy

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