Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Whitey Gomez - The Discolandia Sessions cd ep

I really don't know much about this band. I picked up this CDEP from a show that they where opening because I was totally blown away by the band.

They are from the Bay Area of Northern California and played really good Alt. Country. I only wish they had put out more because this four song ep is just not enough.

Of the two songs "Lucky" and, "I'll be all Smiles Tonight," are my favourites. "Stolen" and "Once Around Again" aren't bad either.

If you like the Alt Country sound this is for you. I'd kind of compare this to the the first Baseboard Heaters CD or maybe even Son Volt. It's just plain good.


Brian Guy

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  1. This was my band. When it ended (we had one other EP) two of us formed a new band called DARLING CLEMENTINES, which eventually changed its name to FIRECRACKER and released one EP and one full length LP.

    I currently live in Austin TX and lead a band called GOLDEN LIGHTS, which just released its first LP.

    BTW, Whitey Gomez played with Baseboad Heaters once while on tour and we stayed at the bass player's house!