Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Baseboard Heaters - Seeing Red cd

When this CD first came out I was totally blown away by this Portland, Oregon based Alt. Country band.

The CD was on constant rotation for about a month and I still find myself going back to this much loved CD.

All the songs on this disc are absolutely fantastic. It's hard for me to really chose a favourite song, because they are all really good.

"Roll the Dice," is the first song and I think it's a killer song in the Alt Country tradition. "Minneapolis," if I remember correctly is a tribute the the band the Replacements, whom I absolutely can not stand, having seeing them live one time (but that's another story for another time). I really enjoy the song, "Road," is another really good hard hitting song. The last two songs "Demon," and "We'll See," were recorded live at 90.7 KBOO in Portland, Oregon (A pretty cool community funded radio station.)

Like I said there is not a clunker on this whole CD. Doubt this is still in print but if you have a chance pick this up it's worth the search.

However their second release "Lost all Faith," changes musical Direction and I have to admit I really didn't enjoy it at all. So stick with "Seeing Red"


Brian Guy
This was released on Starpool Records

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