Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Montana Slim (Wilf Carter) - Sings the Songs of the West 4x78

Time for some old time country cowboy music with Montana Slim who was born Wilford Arthur Charles  Carter in Port Hilford, NS on 12/18/1904.

He recorded in Canada under his real name Wilf Carter. The moniker of Montana Slim came about from CBS when he was recording in New York. It's interesting that a lot of his recordings in Canada used his given name of Wilf Carter, but his records in the states where under Montana Slim.

Known as a yodeler, he got is start in Calgary, AB after auditioning for a radio spot in 1925.

Wilf passed away on 12/5/96 in Scottsdale, AZ

I have to say that Wilf Carter is right up there with Stompin' Tom Conners and Anne Murray as my favourite country music musicians from Canada.

Now this was on Glass 78s so I had to record it at 45 and then change the speed to 78. Hopefully it sounds okay, since this is well over 50 years old there are also some pops, scratches and at least one skip, but still this is a great piece of history.

Not sure when this was released on RCA Victor but on the back cover it has a marking from Meier & Frank Company of Portland, Oregon from 1951.


Brian Guy


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