Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Black Stars of Professional Wrestling by Julian L.D. Shabazz

I was really excited when I head that this book was out there and even more excited when I was able to buy it. However, my joy soon turned to bitter disappointment.

While I think Shabazz, really tried to make this a good book showing all of the Black Stars of Professional Wrestling, it really fell short in my view.

There where a few wrestlers that really got good coverage in this book. Abdullah the Butcher, Bobo Brazil, Ray Candy, Junkyard Dog, Dwayne Johnson and Woody Strode got pretty good write ups, but I was kind of surprised at a few of the wrestlers that got big write ups, Jacqueline got a little more than two pages, really? I didn't think she deserved that much coverage.

Then there are wrestlers that only got their pictures in the book and no information such as George Wells also know as Master Wells, who wrestled and played in the CFL for the Edmonton Eskimos, Brickhouse Brown who wrestled in many a territory including the WWF doesn't get anything except his name mentioned, the same with Hardbody Harrison, Ranger Ross and quite a few more.

What really bothered me was the wrestlers that were not even included in the book: "The Black Assassin" "Big" Bill Tabb, one of my favourite wrestlers in the 80's also Pablo Crenshaw who worked in NWA and the AWA and Victor Rivera to name a few.

Overall the book is not bad, I just wished that it had more information about the wrestlers. It seemed like most of the wrestlers just got a picture and a name if that and no real history or a drawing.

This book was released on Aw$ome Records of Clinton, SC in 1999.

I have heard that there is a new updated version of this book that has been published, so I hope that some of the omissions have been corrected. If I see the updated version I will pick it up.

On a related note "Mr. Ebony" "The Black Terror" Tom Jones one of my boy hood heros is suffering from dementia and has been moved from Tulsa to a care facility near his family in Amarillo, TX if you are interesting in helping his family out with a donation see below:

DONATIONS REQUESTED: Tom Jones is in need of some basic needs, like clothing (size XL) and various other personal care items. Donations can be sent to Country Club Manor, ATT: Tom Jones/George Thompson, 9 Medical Drive, Amarillo, TX, 79106


Brian Guy

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Baseboard Heaters - Seeing Red cd

When this CD first came out I was totally blown away by this Portland, Oregon based Alt. Country band.

The CD was on constant rotation for about a month and I still find myself going back to this much loved CD.

All the songs on this disc are absolutely fantastic. It's hard for me to really chose a favourite song, because they are all really good.

"Roll the Dice," is the first song and I think it's a killer song in the Alt Country tradition. "Minneapolis," if I remember correctly is a tribute the the band the Replacements, whom I absolutely can not stand, having seeing them live one time (but that's another story for another time). I really enjoy the song, "Road," is another really good hard hitting song. The last two songs "Demon," and "We'll See," were recorded live at 90.7 KBOO in Portland, Oregon (A pretty cool community funded radio station.)

Like I said there is not a clunker on this whole CD. Doubt this is still in print but if you have a chance pick this up it's worth the search.

However their second release "Lost all Faith," changes musical Direction and I have to admit I really didn't enjoy it at all. So stick with "Seeing Red"


Brian Guy
This was released on Starpool Records

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Whitey Gomez - The Discolandia Sessions cd ep

I really don't know much about this band. I picked up this CDEP from a show that they where opening because I was totally blown away by the band.

They are from the Bay Area of Northern California and played really good Alt. Country. I only wish they had put out more because this four song ep is just not enough.

Of the two songs "Lucky" and, "I'll be all Smiles Tonight," are my favourites. "Stolen" and "Once Around Again" aren't bad either.

If you like the Alt Country sound this is for you. I'd kind of compare this to the the first Baseboard Heaters CD or maybe even Son Volt. It's just plain good.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Been kind of Busy...

Been kind of busy with life lately so haven't really had time to post anything. Hopefully things will start slowing down a bit and I can get back to the blog life.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Montana Slim (Wilf Carter) - Sings the Songs of the West 4x78

Time for some old time country cowboy music with Montana Slim who was born Wilford Arthur Charles  Carter in Port Hilford, NS on 12/18/1904.

He recorded in Canada under his real name Wilf Carter. The moniker of Montana Slim came about from CBS when he was recording in New York. It's interesting that a lot of his recordings in Canada used his given name of Wilf Carter, but his records in the states where under Montana Slim.

Known as a yodeler, he got is start in Calgary, AB after auditioning for a radio spot in 1925.

Wilf passed away on 12/5/96 in Scottsdale, AZ

I have to say that Wilf Carter is right up there with Stompin' Tom Conners and Anne Murray as my favourite country music musicians from Canada.

Now this was on Glass 78s so I had to record it at 45 and then change the speed to 78. Hopefully it sounds okay, since this is well over 50 years old there are also some pops, scratches and at least one skip, but still this is a great piece of history.

Not sure when this was released on RCA Victor but on the back cover it has a marking from Meier & Frank Company of Portland, Oregon from 1951.


Brian Guy