Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Northwest Passage: 50 Years of Independent Music from the Rose City Marc Moscato editor

This is a pretty interesting book put out by the Dill Pickle Club covering 50 years of Independent music in Portland, Oregon.

I have to admit that when I first read this book I was kind of disappointed in it. While it does have some pretty important people in music in Portland, it also seemed like there was a lot missing.

Thoughts on the Northwest Passage Lecture Series from Eric Isaacson. A personal look from scene to scene by Jacob Fain and Cabarets, Social Clubs, Coffee Houses & Discos: How Liquor Laws Influenced Local music by Ryan Tobias

Then you have eight interviews from people from the Portland scene, even though I consider Calvin Johnson as more of a Olympia, Washington scenester, I did enjoy his interview. Other interviews are Ural Thomas, Joe Kregal, Valerie Brown, Fred and Toody Cole and rapper Cool Nutz.

I think Fred and Toody Cole's interview where probably the best and I also found the Cool Nutz interview to be pretty interesting too. Cool Nutz talking about dealing with bands who thought they should have bigger type setting in the Mercury (a local weekly) was pretty funny, how do you remain diplomatic when you have people pushing you when no one shows up to the shows to see them. Egos got to love them.

There is also a CD which seems to be audio interviews of what is in the book. I actually enjoyed what I listened to better than the book itself.

I would recommend this, I guess what bothered me the most is I was under the impression that this was going to cover the punk scene a little bit more and it really didn't do that for me. There's even a section on Select Punk singles and LPs 1978-86. No real surprises on the list. I think that one of the Lockjaw 45s should have been on the list oh well.


Brian Guy

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