Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blood Pudding - Avalon Hangover cs + Live at Bob's House of Fishribs cs

From Canby, OR we have Blood Pudding. Now this is not metal or even close as the name might suggest nor is it grindcore, this is straight up punk rock influenced by The Clash and the Softboys and maybe a little bit of The Ramones.

I went to Community College with two of the band members and for a time was their "manager" which meant basically I was a roadie who got to drink a lot of beer.

Good times and great guys. This was released self released  in 1991.

I'm also including another link to the fake live tape "Live at Bob's House of Fishribs." There are only two songs on this cassette that made it to to professionally recorded "Avalon Hangover"cs


Brian Guy's%20House%20of%20Fishribs%20cs.rar

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