Friday, December 14, 2012

The Big Book of Jewish Baseball: An Illustrated Encyclopedia & Anecdotal History by Peter S. Horvitz & Joachim Horvitz

Okay it's day seven and it's time for something different a book on Jewish Baseball players, umpires and what not.

Believe it or not Sandy Koufax was not the only Jew to play baseball. The first Jewish baseball player was Lipman Pike of the Troy, NY Haymakers and there have been many after him.

I was surprised by some of the players that are Jewish. Bo Belinsky (I don't even remember him talking about being Jewish in his autobiography, of course I read it back when I was a teenager), Jose Bautista, Lou Boudreau, Mike LaCross, Shawn Green to name a few.

There are also some other notable Jewish Players Hank Greenberg, Ron Bloomberg (if I remember right he was the first DH to actually come to bat in an AL game), Moe Berg and quite a few more.

The book is divided into ten chapters featuring anything from minor and major league players, umpires, Jewish league Officials and club executives and a lot more.

Released in 2001 by S.P.I Books of New York, NY


Brian Guy

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