Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Myron Cohen - America's Funniest Storyteller at His Best LP

Okay day four featuring Myron Cohen who was involved in the garment industry in New York City before he got into comedy.

To be quite honest, if he's America's Funniest Storyteller, I'd hate to hear the worst. There are a few funny stories on this album but for the most part I just wasn't really that impressed at all.

The best story is "Scissors Story." It makes the record the rest are just okay in my opinion.

Sorry Myron, I just didn't find you funny.

Released in 1960 on Audio Fidelity Inc. of NYC.


Brian Guy


  1. Not a promotor of racial profiling but judging from the look of that nose this is connected to your previous "jewish comedy" uploads right ;)

  2. Yeah, I'm still doing the Hanukah tribute all week. You mean you couldn't tell from the name he was Jewish?

    Did you download the Sam Moss link, I think you'd like it.

    I decided to stay away from doing a post about Jewdriver, maybe next year. :)


    Brian Guy