Monday, December 24, 2012

Mick Foley's Christmas Chaos - Mick Foley (Illustrations by Jerry"the King"Lawler

A Christmas story by Mick Foley aka Cactus Jack aka Mankind aka Dude Love (did I forget any of his ring names?) Illustrated by Jerry"the King"Lawler.

First off I'm a big fan of Mick Foley and Jerry Lawler. I've read both of their autobiographies and found them wonderful.

Get well Jerry Lawler, sorry to hear about your heart-attack.

Now on to the book, poor Santa the elves don't respect him, the reindeer threaten to sue him and even Mrs Claus can't give him the time of day because "Raw is War," is on.

If was was Santa I'd have butchered the elves and made reindeer stew, but then again I guess I'm not a nice guy. Coal for me this year I guess.

So Mrs. Claus calls Vince McMahon and he sends up some wrestlers to straight everything out.

Nothing seems to be working to make Santa happy, he tries reading letters from kids and they are all a bunch of greedy bastards that want more and more, but then he finds a letter from a burn victim that really doesn't want anything from Santa except Santa. Santa feels rejuvenated and everything is right with Christmas again.

So, what did I think of this book? Well there is a lot of dropping of wrestlers names in the book, yeah I know shocking, but it's not that bad. Jerry Lawler is a hell of an artist and really makes the pictures come to live. The story is predictable with a happy ending. The names of some of the elves seemed a little weird like Tommy Top who runs around naked and Billy Bop the smallest elf. Sounds like something from porno. I'd say this is more of a book for young adults and adults than kids, but maybe that's just me.

Side note is the burn victim is a real person Antonio Freitas of Lawrence, MA.

Printed by Regan Books not sure when.


Brian Guy

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