Friday, November 23, 2012

Ray Condo - Sweet Love on My Mind 7"

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I was turned onto Ray Condo by one of my good friends and Co-workers who has turned me on to a lot of good rockabilly and when he loaned me a Ray Condo CD, I can't remember which one but, I instantly became a fan of this Canadian nomad.

Ray Tremblay aka Ray Condo was born in Hull, Quebec but grew up in Ottawa. He played in a few punk bands from Montreal to British Columbia and then moved on to rockabilly with several different bands.

For more information check this out on wiki

Okay, now on to this little seven inch platter. I am not sure that this was a legit release or a bootleg. It was released in 2004 which was the same year that Ray Condo past away from a heart attack in Vancouver, BC. It seems to be a tribute of sorts, which in my opinion is pretty cool. There are two songs of rockabilly delight on this, that sound a little Elvis like, which is okay I guess as I am not a big Elvis fan.

Released on Ray Condo Records.


Brian Guy

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