Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Patriotic Sprits and Military Ghosts on the Mississippi: Ghost of Jefferson Barracks History & Hauntings of Old St. Louis by David Goodwin

I think this probably takes the cake for the longest book title I've seen in a long time.

That aside this is a very interesting book not just about the ghost, but also the history of Jefferson Barracks. I find this very refreshing, having a basic history of an area is pretty unusual for a book on ghost and I think helps set up any potential haunting that may be going on.

It's not until chapter five that you actually get to the ghost stories of the barracks and here is where it kind of loses me. Yeah the ghost stories are interesting and I think author David Goodwin really knows what he's talking about, he's not a ghost book charlatan just trying to cash in on some rumored hauntings, but the fact that there is absolutely no real attempt to figure out who the ghost of the post maybe left me kind of "wow that's a nice story but, since you have all this history, some research on who the ghost might be would have been nice." There is only one instance where he states that one of the ghost in the Old Post section of the Jefferson Barracks who he thinks is 18 month old Elizabeth Ann Lash who was buried 1827. The only problem with this is the ghost seems to sound a little older than 18 months old, which he does state that they did discover some unidentified children's remains in the cemetery and the ghost may not be of Lash. Other than that there really isn't much research into who the ghost are but there is a lot of information on the barracks its self.

Over all this is an interesting book and pretty well done. I love the history, just would have liked a little more history of who the ghost might be. If you are interested in old military installations and ghost, this book is for you.

This was published by Whitechapel  Productions Press Publications of Alton, IL 2001


Brian Guy

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