Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is that all there is?

Here just two versions of the same song "Is that all there is?" I love this song and always have.
I have to admit that I heard the Cristina Monet version on R.O.T.R. first and instantly fell in love with this song, it's a messed up song, but it's very positive and I guess it's the way I try and look at things. I may not be the most positive person in the world but I think that some times when the things aren't going right you have to ask your self "is that all there is?"

I also have Peggy Lee's version of this song and it's just as good as the Cristina Monet version.

Christine's version has been a little more updated than, Peggy Lee's version well listen to them for yourself if you dare. Enjoy the vids.


Brian Guy


  1. I'll remember that next time someone jumps me in some backalley.
    Is that all there is to a knifewound?

  2. LOL that's the spirit!


    Brian Guy