Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fire Apparatus Photo Album of the Greenfield Village Musters by Mae M. Martin

I have always liked Fire Trucks and Police vehicles. It probably has to do with the fact that growing up several of my neighbours were volunteer fire fighters for the local fire department and knowing police officers . I will always have the image of the school bus yellow Ford Pickup that the chief drove stuck in my head, I may have a picture of it laying around some place, maybe I'll scrounge around for it. I also had an uncle that was part of the Fire Department in Mill City, Oregon until he was run over and killed by his brother in-law who was driving the water tender to a car accident. At least Uncle Clyde died doing something he loved.

Anyways back to the book, this has pictures of fire trucks starting with a 1916 Ahrens-Fox 750 GPM model K-4 Fire truck to a 1970 Ford F-350 Rescue Squad Ambulance from Dearborn Heights, MI.

Lots of history are in the pictures on this book you can really see how fire engines and fire fighting equipment has changed over the years, which is pretty fascinating.

The strange thing about this book is I thought when I first bought it  at a used book store, it was from a museum, but it isn't I'm not sure who or what the Greenfield Village Musters are, and doing a quick search on the web didn't really provide much information and I'm not sure they even exist anymore.

If you like fire trucks then keep a look out for this book.

This book was released by The Visiting Fireman, Naperville, IL in 1984


Brian Guy

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